Tips & Strategies for Alliance Wars (AW)



I thought of opening a new strategy for the new Alliance Wars (AW).

Anyone who has a query or an idea for a tactic/strategy should check and post in here :slight_smile:


Let me start by posting the first topic that can be discussed.

Should an alliance attack opponent’s strong teams and gradually work its way to the posterior lines, or attack the weaker teams aiming to finish as many teams as possible (after they revive)?


How is a real war conducted?

Does one side go, “Gee, I can wipe out a large swath of weaker guys which would make the war end faster, but no, I’m gonna fight the toughest guys, because I’m an honorable warrior!” :wink:


I choose to raid the toughest team that I feel I can one shot kill based on my remaining fighters while at the same time leaving enough good fighters for later on…I don’t purposely target strong or weak


As @Rook chose to do, doing the honorable thing is nice and…well, yeah…honorable! :slight_smile:
However, the alliance wants to win the war. So, possibly/probably, the biggest service to your alliance is done by adopting a strategy that would win that war, right?

Now, we know that eliminating a team, gets you a 100% bonus. The points for previous battles “cannot” be changed so this bonus goes to the last attacker but what really counts is that the bonus is gained by the team as a whole.

In our first AW, our alliance attacked the strong teams while our opponents avoided the first two lines of defense. We won by 800 points so possibly ours was a better strategy. However, we also need to mention that many of the weaker teams of our opposing alliance did not carry out any attacks although their stronger players (who would normally net the highest points) did use up most of their flags.

Still, one result does not prove a theory. At this point, it would be interesting to know how points are distributed between the defending teams (to be won by attackers). This can start giving us some idea whether to wipe clean the weaker teams or attack the stronger teams as they are worth (possibly much) more points.

What are your views?
How did your alliance fair in the AW?


Who said I was honorable? :grin:

I think our alliance is playing each war by ear, waiting to see what changes, and hoping for a list of “these targets give the most points”.

I know hitting the strongest gave better results on the last war. Will that continue? Stay tuned! :wink:


Now most teams have participated to at least 5x AWs; and the top-ranking teams even more.

So, what have you found to work better?

  • Is it better to go after the weaker teams of opposing alliance to get the team clearing bonuses but miss on the higher points of the front line teams?
  • Or is it better to attack the front line juicy teams but risking not to finish them off and risk losing the bonuses?


I don’t feel the options are that binary. My alliance has members from 1400 trophies to 2500 trophies. We changed our plan on the last Aw and it seemed to work great.

The low level players hit the lower strength teams, as big as the could handle in one hit. The higher level players went for teams that are almost too tough for them. If the high player did not get a one shot, then the lower players would play cleanup, while the strong player would move on to the next tough defender.

Seemed to work and did not require a lot of chat spam to manage. In our case it practically managed itself.

If all of our alliance was on the same level, it would not work


We’ve been still picking off the weak teams first - either with our weaker players or with heavy hitters lower level teams - to ensure we can kill them 3*. The heavy hitters one shot a few teams and then weaken the middle tier teams. We haven’t totally avoided the top teams based on power, more so based on who they are fielding and if we feel that they may be a pain. I went after a 3800 team versus a 3500 team just because the composition was a lot more friendly for AW.


And what is your current score on AW using this strategy?

Our top teams always go for the maximum we can hit, almost always clearing enemy’s first two lines (I think we almost always clear the field too before enemy lines start recovering).

My only 5* are Useless Morgana 2-50 (I rarely used her and I have only maybe faced her twice in raid duels …and I raid to the max!) & Horghall 1-1 (do not plan to level him any time soon since I do not have the mats to max him). Therefore, at best I can field 2 teams of 3300 approx made exclusively of my 11x 4* heroes at 4-70/3-60. I usually still manage to take out 1 or 2 teams of 3500+ for around 100 points each and another of 60-80 points with my team 3. Most of our top hitters do the same. And our medium to newer teams take out the most they can from other opposing teams. We never managed to attack an opposing team three times but we have a record of 5/0 wins/losses.



My alliance listened when people started talking about 30 heroes. We’ve won by as few as 40 early on, won one by 200 or so (recent - finally a team with a good bench but they used the same tactic) but the rest have been 400 or more and that all happened on the 2nd 3 hits due to bench strength - that has been the key to our success.

My newest tip would be to look for teams short on healers and tanks (obvious) but to also click through EVERY team to look for similar team power but a point difference. My first 3 kills in the recent war were on a 3300 team worth 82 when there were 3400 and 3500 worth less (all one shot, I have a deep bench). They I took out some other mid-3k teams as well, but that team was an outlier for max points at the tier of opponent I was fighting.


Yes, I noticed that too. Some teams have similar power but different points score. My best guess is that devs assigned different points to different heroes based on the effectiveness/power of their skill (ex. super-Heroes, like Ares, Alby, Guinny, Zeline & healers & super-tanks have more value).

I also agree to try to avoid teams with lots of healers or powerful tanks or tanks against which you do not have good hero line-up.

Some of our alliance members do have a deep-ish bench but the suggestion arrived to our alliance a bit late and some ignored it as well. However, on the whole we recovered well and have won 4 wars with 500+ points and the last one with over a 1000 points!

However, I think many wins are due to participation. Members in our Alliance are quite cheerful and participation is high in AW and Titans. We have not met such high participation rate from some of our opponents but when they did, our strategy seemed to work better.


Also - I save my fast mana people for clean ups (for the tile ghosting) and use my slow mana folks for full teams typically, but not in all cases (I at least mix them in) and then am only focusing on 4* dupes of healer, fast mana, and defense debuffers (all average in 4*). Partially leveled 4* slow mana haven’t been working well for me personally.


I have 2x HuTao 3-60 & 3-01 (abandoned) that I use only as 2nd or 3rd yellow for clean ups :frowning:
They are too slow for effective use in full duels.
I started leveling the second one for AW before the rules were announced, preferring him over a 2nd Jackal. What a mistake!! What a waste!! :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Several tips:

A. It starts at the defence.
If you haven’t got a defence team that consists of 5 maxed at least 4 star heroes, that is now your priority. The easiest points gained are points not lost! Focus on your strong defence first, so your opponent has to waste more flags on you.

B. Get a nice roster of 30
You’re going in to use your 6 flags anyway, so better make it worth it. For now you can work with 3 star heroes, but 4 star or better are definitely your future. 4 stars and above are keepers, 3 star only placeholders.

Each team needs at least one, preferably two healers. Two because of that pesky revenge bar. I prefer rainbow teams. Fast hard hitters are extremely useful. Wu Kong can turn a mediocre team into a killer of giants. so cherish your additional Wu’s.

C. Train your 30 from the bottom up.
So you already have a strong defence, but your roster of 30 heroes is still lacking in strength? An unlevelled 3, 4 or 5 star won’t make a dent in a pack of butter, honestly. So how do you upgrade them? One at a time? I suggest you level your roster of 30 heroes up from the bottom. Yes this means spreading your hero growth over many. But when all your 6 teams grow you will see you’re able to get more points out of your flags. More than focussing on one hero. You simply advance faster across the board than when you focus on one.

D. Attendance
Many a war is simply won because one side attacked more often than the other. Don’t be the team that loses because they’ve got slackers among them.

E. Plan your battles (1)
There basically are 4 types of attacks:
1: full team wipe, this attack is aimed at wiping out an opposing team completely
2: centre kill, this attack is aimed at killing the centre tank and if possible more
3: cleaning house, this attack is aimed at killing off an already weakened team
4: botch, this attack is when you get a board that sucks and you lose bitterly
You want to plan for a type 1, 2 or 3 attack. And 4 is what may happen regardless of your careful planning so get used to it.

Full Wipe attack typically takes a team that is 300 to 600 team strength stronger than the opposing team.
Centre Kill attack typically takes a team that is about the same strength as the opposing team.
Cleaning House attack typically can be done with a weaker team - just how weak depends on what’s left over.
Botch attack will happen to any team, in any attack. This is why given the choice between a Full Wipe and a Centre kill, you would usually go for the Full Wipe. So when it botches you at least have a Centre Kill to show for your efforts. A botched Centre Kill is a true botch.

F: Plan your battles (2)
The winner scores more points. If both sides make the same amounts of attacks, then the winner is that side that scores the most points per flag. So plan your battles in a way that you (*) score the most points for your flags. Real Life restraints can come into play here: an attractive target for a full wipe may only revive when you’re in bed/at work, so you’re going to have to do something else.

(*) You is singular for novice strategists, and plural for advanced ones. See (3)

G. Plan your battles (3)
You can go about doing what’s best for your own point score. But it may very likely not be the best for your total alliance score. This is where you turns from singular to plural: coordinated efforts will beat individual efforts. So do you use that 3.400 strength team to SQUASH a 2.600 team, that someone else could have wiped with a 2.900 team? Or do you use it to severely weaken a 3.300 team, so someone with a 2.200 team can finish it? So there’s that team with one hero left standing with a sliver of health, do you send in that 2.500 team just to harvest the yummie team bonus, or do you grant a less developed alliance member the honors with a much weaker team?

H: Have fun
You can’t win all wars, so if you’re on the losing side, remember to have fun. Celebrate the smaller victories if you can’t celebrate the big one. And keep courage, persevere! Tides have turned before, and the war isn’t over till it’s over!


I had a question about the alliance Wars. Do you help your alliance if you attack a team a lot stronger than you and don’t destroy any of the opponents Heroes. Or do you help the other Alliance


If you deal some damage (so gain some points) then sure, you help your self. If you make a 0 point hit then it’s just wasting flags.

I wouldn’t go for a much stronger opponent unless forced by other conditions (everyone Else is dead and it’s your last chance to attack etc). But Usually if it comes to that it is recommended to color stack heavily so you might get even a good haul of points.


Thank you, but let’s say you do get 0 points but does getting zero points have any negative effect on your alliance and by getting zero points does it Aid your opponent at all?


You don’t hurt your alliance and you don’t help the opponent if you fight and get 0 points.

The only time 0 points really hurts is when you’re timed out during a battle. If you FLEE before the timer runs out you will get points for those heroes you killed. If you get timed out however, you get 0 points regardless of how many heroes you had killed or how many of your heroes remain.

It’s always worth trying to fight and using all your flags. We’ve all been surprised when we thought we were doing a last minute suicide mission and actually destroyed a few heroes!


If I may you can actually hurt your alliance if you attack a team that has already been damage and that the team gets healed (either because of healers or because of the heal war special) and some opponent heros finish the battle with more health than when they started.

To avoid that, avoid fighting much stronger teams with healers, avoid hitting healers if there are some, and flee the battle before heals are triggered