Ascend Miki or Skadi?

I recently acquired Skadi from the Valhalla portal and then Miki from the Black Friday one. I had Vela lined up next but now I’m thinking these two will jump the queue. Who do you think is worth ascending first?

5* blues are probably my weakest roster, the only ones I have maxed are Milena, Ariel, Frida and Bobo so this will be my 5th. Oh and this hero probably won’t make my defense team so will be mainly used for raids, tournies and of course titans!

Thanks for your input!

  • Miki
  • Skadi
  • Neither - do Vela instead

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You can successfully use Miki for his primary purpose [titans] without ascending him. I was using him on 3.70 for very long time until I had spare scopes. Just be careful to max his skill by then.

Skadi is probably completely unusable at 3.70, as every other hero whose primary purpose is dealing damage.


Thanks for your advice! Do you think that would still be the case with 14* titans? I noticed my 4/80 heroes still die after 2 hits so as long as a 3/70 Miki doesn’t get one shotted lol

I only fought 14 stars long before I got Miki. So yup, completely usable. He’s sturdy enough to have chance at surviving that direct hit if I remember correctly, just need buff/minion. With silence you are safe from titan’s specials so no need to worry about those. But well you’ll be able to try it for yourself before making the decision.

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Also one more question buddy, who is more worthy of emblems between Kingston and Wolfgang? I’ve almost finished them both to 4/80 :slight_smile:

I don’t have Wolfgang heh. I’d say, depends who else you got and how you are going to use them.

If any of those is going to make into your defense - they have the priority for emblems.

If only for offense - do you have anyone to replace their role? Any other emblemmed green sniper would make Kingston less of a priority. Any other aoe dmg/support would make Wolfgang less of a priority. If I got Wolfgang somehow out of the blue, I’d probably not emblem him - C Vivica/Inari cover the roles of aggresive supports in my yellow squad; meanwhile, to deemblem Kingston I would have to put emblems on my Lianna which I can’t do since I have too many rangers in need of those… I also have Eiora but she’s average speed so not necessarily fast enough for combo with Evelyn. So I need those emblems on Kingston. But as you can see, that’s very individual thought process specific to my roster.


Miki will be one shotted, but that’s okay, use time stops or mana pot him so he fires first etc. Same with tarlak, I’ve only got him at 3.70 and use him Vs green 14* it’s just a case of protecting him with items I’d personally rather that than use mats on him.

Skadi would benefit more in raids etc

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I’d be looking at Wolfgang, and thinking Def for emblem priority, he’s better than Kingston IMO for a decent hit all and the health boost

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Skadi is a very strong defender on minion horde rule and she is always a good attacker.

Miki is a very strong on rush battles and the best titan buffer.

But I would do Skadi first.

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Skadi first. Miki can wait at 3/70. U can use Miki against titans even at 3/70 :blush:

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Thanks for sharing your thought process, it makes sense! I’ll have a look at my roster and kind of take that approach as well :slight_smile:

That makes sense, appreciate your advice! I guess I may as well leave him at 3/70 and test him with titans, using items to keep him alive :slight_smile:

Appreciate your input, noted :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much, it looks like Skadi wins from the comments (though for some reason Miki is ahead on the poll haha)

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I don’t have Miki but my previous alliance members were using Miki at 3/70 against 14 star titans and based on their feedback he is still useful against titans.

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Ill still vote for MIKI… He is beast for titans and titans we face daily…
No doubt skadi is a great hero but he can wait miki cant…

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Miki you’ll use everyday and he’s a STAR in the VF tourneys and wars. He resists AFRIKE’S mindless attack. Silence for 5 turns?!? In VF? Almost a guaranteed win. Skadi is excellent, and she does need maxed and emblemed to be able to kill Bera/Freya minions (and paired with C Kiril)…but Miki is just too good IMO.

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Two fantastic heroes but MIKI is indispensable. This hero changed the way of attacking the titans and changed the way of completing events. And in the very fast mana WAR it’s a pain in the ■■■. Skadi is amazing, but not as revolutionary as MIKI. I say MIKI.

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Miki Lv85 5*+15

Especially with Frida in the roster, I would take Miki to Lv85 5*+15 as soon as possible


Titan multiplier heroes

Defense debuff heroes

Elemental defense debuff heroes

Are all in a league of their own compared to other heroes

Like good healers, I always want one of each color

Use loot to get loot

Miki/ Tarlak/ Ranvir/ Wu Kong can help you get loot to level other heroes including your raid, and war, defense team

Attack versus defense

The majority of loot in Empires is from attacking ( Titans, Rare Quests, Class quests, Limit Breaker quests, Challenge events, AR, VF, etc. )

A strong Raid defense is primarily to prevent wasting raid energy climbing back into Platinum/ Diamond to open a Wanted Raid Chest

A strong war defense is more important than a strong war attacker, since you only need 1x defender to 6x attackers, but a strong war attacker that is also a strong titan / quest / farming attacker will get more loot in the long run


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Synergistic, Effectively 8* heroes

HP/ DEF class nodes

Crit troops