Ascend Miki or Ariel first?

I need some advice. Last month I got Ariel in a 10x pull. Today, with atlantis coins, I summoned a Namahage and Miki bonus. I was all geeked to ascend ariel (she is a brute) however, Miki looks to be very good for titans.

I do not have Tarlak, nor Ranvir. I have a highly emblemed Wu Kong and Wilbur for my titan teams currently.

What are your recommendations?

Miki is important for titans because of his special. That will be equally as useful at 3/70.

My advice: Miki to 3/70 then max Ariel.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That is the BEST advice you will get about this question.


I definitely agree with this. Doesn’t even matter what titan you’re fighting… you can make him work for you at 3/70.

Congrats! Post that 100k hit!

Def give Ariel the mats… she is amazing and you will love her when she is maxed. And yes the big fella will still do his job at 3/70. Congrats on the pulls…

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Ide definently say Ariel max and miki 3 70 until u have the scopes. I already have max Ariel and maxed ranvir but I will definently max miki (4 more scopes tho :frowning: ) but as you can see below even at 3 70 he can come up with some beast scores :wink:


Thank you everyone for your input!! I will get Miki to 3.70 and then ascend Ariel to max. I feel better about it now, I was super excited to get Miki - I just don’t want to prolong Ariel to 4.80, I could really put her to good use.


Dangg that’s a ton of damage. Nice :slight_smile:

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Thanks ! :slight_smile: and great choice on Ariel, she is amazing and can be used anywhere

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