Emblem paths solved

I have solved how to put emblems right for the hero and that’s why I know why costumes talent grid don’t match if you wanna sword or shield path.

How could I help all the players? And TIA!

Let me guess, defensive players go health and defense. Offensive players go attack. Yeah, I got a kollage educashion :+1:

If you think you’ve solved something, you can post it here


Is not that simple, why then costumes don’t match?

Break down your method

Difficult with my English :sweat_smile:

Write it in and I’ll translate it for the forum. Let me know what language it is too

Well, at the beginning I can at least say that every hero has to be in balance and when a hero is in balance it is in balance to everything, for example to troops, the board and other heroes

And hard to explain the method because it’s a bit hero-specific :sweat_smile:

So, tell us about a specific hero then. One of your choice.

I guess I don’t need to :sweat_smile:

Hey :slightly_smiling_face: you can simulate emblem paths in heroplan.

it has all heroes. When you click on a specific hero, select the tab Talents. It will give you the path. On a hero with costume it will deliver both. There you can exactly see how embleming changes the stats of the original hero and costumed version.
Not sure what you figured - but hope this works too in a similar way :slightly_smiling_face:



From the discussion, OP appears to be saying

With the addition of costumes, Devs are trying to promote balanced node selection instead of heavily favoring one path

If you heavily favor one path for the base class, then the costume class path will be, most likely, random ( but also, most likely balanced, see below for Beta rumors )

And vice versus

While path meta design means balanced path works equally well for base class and costume class ( see below for Beta rumors )


Rumor from original emblem Beta, testers hypothesized, the lack of significant impact from any possible emblem paths is a design feature not a bug ( Devs did not confirm )

Last time I discussed this with some math people ( especially with the number of 5* heroes exploding ) the the only significant impact were with the below roster situations

Defense/ HP

Where Defense/ HP path ( and crit troops ) can keep them, and their significant special skills, alive and in combat the longest, without wasting lots of items ( looking at you antidotes, mana items and panacea )

Roster, Grave damage heroes

While depending on your roster, and troops

Heroes you use for grave damage (see notes ), may want to use Attack path ( and crit troops or ninja troops ) since they cannot use their special skills while dead

Grave damage, color stacking ( basic and advanced ), and meta damage bonus from crit troops or ninja troops ( even with a dead hero), is based on attack stat not defense


Click for notes

Grave damage

2x Grimm ( especially grave damage from basic color stacking in Class quests for base class )

Also includes notes about basic, and advanced, color stacking

(Grimm...Am I Missing Something? - #19 by Gryphonknight)

Beta, paths

Critical hits

(Critical Damage - A Short Guide to Understanding - #3 by zephyr1)


(Critical Damage - A Short Guide to Understanding)



thank you for clarification, kind Sir :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry took time to answer and yeah, I meant I know how that balanced node selection will made

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