Yet another "Which blue to ascend?" thread but I think I already know the answer

So, after 27 10-12* titans, with either an A or A+, and only getting one orb and one hidden blade as loot, I missed a few hits on a 12* and “only” got a B. The result? One scope, one orb, one sturdy shield, 30 emblems, 3* trainer, and 20 Atlantis coins. Never going for A again! :wink:

Anyway, that was my 6th scope and I have Vela, Isarnia (+ costume), Magni and Miki all sitting at 3/70. Who would you recommend to ascend? Current maxed 5* blues are Frida+11 and Snow White , 4* Grimm+20, Boril+18, Kiril+11, Sonya + costume, Triton, Valeria and Kiril2.

I am leaning toward Vela, as she has proved interesting and fun even at 3/70, but as we are now moving towards 12* titans more regularly, Miki is tempting. Having Isarnia’s costume is tempting as well, as that pretty much rocks…

Any thoughts are welcome.

I focus on titans and vote Miki.

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Afraid I don’t have most of those… I certainly don’t like facing Vela in raids, but those in the alliance who have Miki improved their Titan hits enormously.
So if raids your focus, Vela… if titans, miki would be my suggestion

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Miki has been my staple on all titans except purple (Ranvir goes there) and I have had multiple 100k hits with him. And that is with him at 3/70. I have a feeling our alliance is going to stick yround at 11* titans for a while, so he might be stilll fine there.

I think it might come down to slow vs. fast. Vela wins that battle…

tough choice.

I am managing fine with a Miki 3.70 on 11 star titans

Isarnia with costume bonus is an absolute beast… Slow isn’t to everyone’s taste, but she hits incredibly hard.

I love mine and don’t regret her for a moment, but it all depends what suits your gameplay style here.

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