Which Blue One to Start?

So, I have Ariel, Fenrir, and King Arthur leveled and emblemed (not all the way). Glenda and Miki are at 3-70; I don’t have ascension mats. Skadi is at 3-18, still, I have included her in the list. Which one should I work on next? Any help is welcome. The Ariel in this list is my second Ariel; since she is so good I was wondering if I should max a second one.

Edit: I see a lot of votes for Skadi. Could you please explain why she is so good, over Magni or Frosth?

  • Ariel
  • Frosth
  • Skadi
  • Magni
  • Isarnia
  • Thorne

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Why include Ariel in the poll if she is already maxed? or it is not ?

EDIT: Okay, if it is 2nd Ariel, you should text in the poll as 2nd Ariel. I will change my vote to Skadi.

Just making sure you have Ariel fully emblemed. Miki is very useful but usable at 3-70. Skadi needs to be maxed and heavily emblemed, but she’s one of the best heroes in the game

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This is a second Ariel. Since she is such a good healer, I was wondering if I should work on a second one.

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Yes, edited the post. Thanks.


The first Ariel is at 17 emblems. I need more emblems. The second one I have not started yet.

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Miki is definitely usable on titans at 3.70 - much better maxed, though.

He’s much more than just a titan hero though and definitely needs maxing to utilize his superb abilities in other settings… In particular, using silence against event and/or map bosses is very useful, but survivability on hard mode at 3.70 is poor and it’ll take a lot of effort to keep him alive there - another super use for him is in rush attack tournaments and wars, the duration of that silence is massive and feels like borderline cheating in rush attack settings.

Skadi is undoubtedly a beast, but Miki’s utility is seriously, seriously underrated - were I to face that choice on my alt, I’d be doing Miki first.


I don’t have the ascension mats for any blues now. When I have some, I will keep your advice in mind.

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Can’t disagree Bubbles, if I could choose one hero I don’t have…it would be Miki


What 4* do you have maxed?

(If you’re already waiting on mats, it’s worth remembering that maxed 4* are usually better than 3.70 5* and usable in more contexts too)

I hardly have any 4 stars maxed. Guardian Jackal is maxed. Melendor and Cyprian are towards max level. After that Tiburtus, Chao, Little John, Kiril, and Kelile. All at 3-something.

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In that case I’d be maxing out a bunch of 4* before working on any more 5* to 3.70…

If mats come along I’d finish Miki, but otherwise I’d get busy building 4* depth.

Not only for 4* tournaments and events, but you’ll find a bunch of them useful in their own right (including titans and even raids).

You’ll gain a lot more depth in power, improve your alliance war performance and get a better feel for what specials you’ll like using, which can make picking which 5* to max a bit more obvious in future.

It’s been a while since I counted, but IIRC I have something like 35 maxed 5*, 40+ maxed 4* (including some dupes - Wilbur, Rigard and Hansel) and about 35 maxed 3*…
There are some in all tiers that I don’t use very often (Telluria never, Vivica rarely, Gormek very rarely, Merlin rarely, Kailani and Dawa almost never, etc) but every single one has been useful along the way somewhere at very least.

Written a lot, but the TL;DR is that you really want to be maxing 4* rather than pushing more 5* to 3.70!!!


I threw in a vote for Isarnia to maximize your defense down for titans and any other blue stack.

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That is good advice. I’ll keep that in mind. Currently, let me work on Skadi.

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