Is Wu Kong worth for fighting 13* titans? Any advise?


I don’t use considerably more items hitting 14* vs 11* (I hit 11* earlier this year, while I was on a break). Outside of my strong titan colours, it can be difficult to hit the titan hard.

In the past, I would use big battle items regularly on 14*. I now let my teammates* help take care of those titans (instead of trying to force bigger hits with big items), and I push myself on my strong titans. :wink:

In other words, I try to play to my strengths: I allow myself to be (somewhat) carried on my weak titans, and I aim for big scores on my strong titans.

I can do more damage on a strong titan with bigger battle items, instead using same items for a small improvement on a weak titan. :wink:

*I’d say this can be alliance dependent. My alliance kills 14 stars non-stop.


I use Wu with 14* Titans! Usually 4-1, for heroes in the counter color ofcthe titan plus Wu. I have some twohunfert revive scrolls , all from loot, would not build them. To keep Wu or sometimes Nordri alive I use those scrolls. At the begin I charge Wu with manapots. A turtle or a Dragon banner to add protection, an axe to get the attacs down. If Wus Effekt wears of I recharge, if he is dead I revive him.,


Strongly agree with this.

For every titan, I’ll throw a harpoon if I can’t hit the titan’s weak spot with three tiles. Once the first tier for harpoons is reached, I’ll use axes instead of harpoons.


If any heros is very squishy or die soon pair them with overhealers and they basically becomes more surviving assets… And if u dont hace any other atk boost hero wu still a better option u just need to keep him alive

Thinking about it… I guess some people will limit break WU… so he will continue to live on

Good point. Out of curiosity, I’d interested in seeing the stats for a LB Wu Kong.

I haven’t emblemed Wu Kong, since I figured he’d still get one-shot by 14*. Since I got his costume, I feel he does survive a bit better.

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I have him with costume bonus and +18 emblems, defense and health path + level 13 mana troop. He can survive a direct hit now, with around 10% health left.



@The_Seeker This is good to know. Thank you for sharing this information. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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When you consider that all other options than WuKong are behind a paywall (Ranvir, Guardian Chameleon, Miki, Tarlak), you are essentially saying that the game is 100% pay to win. I refuse to accept this. If you’re using Wu, you just need to support him with Wilbur (who is unfortunately less accessible, but the 4* in Atlantis do come fairly quickly).

That said, I have been doing a lot of mono hits to avoid using Wu/Wilbur, now that I have enough 5* to survive a hit or two.

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Arrows dude!

It’s probably all in the stats. But he really is a weakling. If you have a Miki, he is probably redundant.

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If I managed to get Miki/Tarlak etc, I’d drop Wu Kong like a hot potato. :rofl:


Below is one :point_down:t3:

CB emblems mostly on def and HP.

Used on most, except holy and ice titans 10* -14*.

However, to the OP, there is a strategy, try to fire other hero’s special before Wu, after Wu…create multiple tile combos…well all within limit of time…


Thank you for sharing this. :+1:

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Try a crit troop, most crit troops give more defense and health. Mana you can compensate with potions.

Happy gaming


Business model


Welcome to the SGG 5* HotM / 4* ascension item business model

Fragile Glass cannon

Wu Kong’s base stats are a fragile glass cannon ( high attack, low durability )

Even boosted ( costume, emblems, limit breakers, etc. ) Wu Kong will need healers on the team ( 5* HotM healers with Elemental rainbow links are another rant, see Beta Beat )


Click for notes


So many strategies

Cascade Squad
Grinder Gang
Debuff Duo

so many healers

Glass nuke

Wu Kong has a high attack stat for a 4* yellow hero

Note: Empires sucks at roster / team management, so I would often use the wrong emblem path when I had duplicate heroes with different emblem paths ( looking at you 4* blue Grimm )


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Thanks, you are right, just that I focus on mana troops now and my crit troops are still at level 1. But I can try it and see :slight_smile:

Lv01 Crit Troops

Even a 4* Lv01 Crit Troop gives Wu Kong +4% HP

Even a 4* Lv01 Crit Troop gives Wu Kong +16% defense versus a 4* Lv30 Mana Troop’s +18%

Lv06 Crit Troop

If I Remember Correctly, troop bonuses are not base bonuses ( only uses heroes base stats ) but instead very powerful, meta bonuses ( after emblems, costume, limit breakers, etc. )

So leveling your 4* crit troops to Lv06 ( +18% defense, +5% HP ) for any color that you have a 4* / 5* titan multiplier, might be a good investment

Lv17 Crit Troops

Personally I like Crit troops better than mana ( for debate see link in notes ), but after I get Crit troops to Lv17, I switch to leveling my mana troops/ ninja troops ( see notes )


Click for notes

Lv17 troops

Note: full set means each type ( mana and crit for 4* troops ) so 8x 4* troops in each color. 12x 4* Troops if they ever make Ninja troops easier to get


(Kerb's 4* Troop leveling chart, hurray!)




Thanks, I do use my level 5 crit troops with my healers, Proteus and BK now and I guess you’re right, it be worth to get them at least to level 6.

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Thanks for all the answers I usually rely heavily on mana pots and tornadoes so I can boost the tile damage ASAP, but I will start to use other items to a more sustainable play.

I average 25-35k per flag and I could say I´m not an hindrance for my alliance in total damage.

My 4 troops are:

Red: Mana 13, crit 7, mana 3 crit 1 crit 1.
Purple: Crit 13, mana 7, mana 1.
Yellow: Mana 13, crit 7, crit 1.
Blue: Mana 14. No more troops.
Green: No 4* troops. I am currently upgrading HA but still far away to troop retraining.

Just a funny note: After writting the OP I hit a blue titan and dealt my highest titan damage 72k.


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