Ascend Boldtusk or start Wilbur?

Hello! During the last Atlantis I was fortunate enough to get Wilbur on a 10 pull. I already have BT at 3.60. I am most of the way through getting Sumitomo maxed for his 3rd ascension. So once I finish with Sumi, should I ascend and max BT or start on Wilbur? I have 4 sturdy shields and I’m guessing BT will get them before any of my other reds, I’m just not sure of the timing. BT is only at 6/8 on his special so I’ve considered ascending him just for the special skill increase even if I work on Wilbur.

I already have a maxed and emblemed Kiril. I also pulled Rigard and Melendor during the last two events so once they are leveled I will have a nice selection of 4* healers.

Additional info: I’m C2P, been playing for 5 months and I am at SH19.

TIA :slightly_smiling_face:


Leave Sumi and go for Boldie and the fish boy.

Sumi is just bad at everything and only cares for himself. He sits on my bench waiting to be a tile pusher in the 6th stack against green tanked wars. I declare him as almost useless, while Boldie and Wilbur are two of the best.


Thanks Olmor. I was/am seriously lacking in 4* snipers so while waiting for the ascension materials for BT I worked my next best red. I guess I could stop where I am with Sumi, I know he’s not highly regarded. Maybe Sumi and my unfinished Chao will be buddies lol. Unfinished heroes annoy the side of me that likes to finish things though :nerd_face:


I actually really like Sumi, but he’s niche and not overwhelming anyone in a fight. Sakura bonus is ok. Anyway, BT is better with the heal plus attack buff. Great tank or flank. Wilbur is REALLY dynamic and worthy but you need to research him on here. Lots of twists and turns on how to use him you might not stumble upon on your own. He can also be a lifesaver on titans.

I brought Sumi to 3/60 but that’s where he will stay. The other two will max.


In my honest opinion, I would focus on Boldtusk. Max him and give him emblems. He is very versatile. Next do Wilbur who can be a game changer if used correctly. I had Sumitomo but didn’t keep him.


You should start Wilbur instead of ascending and maxing BT for a few reasons in my opinion :

  • A roster consisting of 3/60 BT and 3/60 Wilbur is stronger and more versatile than a bench consisting of maxed BT and a 1/1 Wilbur
  • You already have Kiril maxed. BT is better than Kiril, especially paired with Wilbur, but Kiril can do the job for now
  • A leveled Wilbur will make your job so much easier on the season 2 normal and hard and will be of great help against every titan for survival

So i would suggest to level Wilbur to 3/60 and then ascend and max both of them, as soon as you have the mats

Sturdy shield are for green hero, hidden blades are for red one :wink:.
Have fun :smiley:


with your team i would stop on both boldy and sumo and start wilbur

@J1mau and @Rohn agree 100%.

2 key points:
Wilbur is a titan game changer
Since you already have kiril, BT is not as urgent


Oops, I still have a hard time keeping straight in my memory which materials go with who. Thanks for pointing that out. I do have the materials for the red hero’s as well just to clarify.


Thanks for the suggestions. I have read a bit about how to use Wilbur before I got him, but will have to read more once he is ready to use. I’m kinda excited about Wilbur, but I can see how his ability to spread damage across the enemies can backfire. It’s the only part of his skill I’m not very excited about.

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I really appreciate all the replies and advice. I’m leaning towards starting Wilbur because I can use the help with titans. I am in a casual alliance and we have been stuck unable to kill the next star level titans for some time now. If I can up my scores it would be awesome!

How is Wilbur useful for titans though? Does he have high tile damage or is it his damage spreading skill that will help? It takes valuable seconds trying to drop heal or mana potions to save a nearly dead hero, so i can see how not needing to use as many potions could help my scores.

Thanks again!

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remember these 4*s will breeze through 8-7 farming NOW play with wilber and LEARN him you will be glad you did

Basically, Wilbur keeps your team alive with his Spirit Link + defense buff. And he lowers the titans’ defense too, which is always good.

Boldtusk’s attack buff + Wilbur’s defense down = Great damage on titans.


With Kiril already max you can focus on wilbur he is a pain in the ■■■

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As many says go for wilbur, titans, event and rare quests are the bread and butter of this game. Wilbur is super efficient in this department.

Reducing the defense of the enemey has more impact than buffing your attack, so no doubt on how wilbur is effective.

By the way his defense buff helps also to keep you Alive.

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Wilbur does spread damage for the enemy, but you can use that against them by targeting your strength against their weakness. Then you max the shared damage and on top of a def debuff and your attack buff (which can stack with Wu and Atlantis family bonuses). OR you can trigger Wilbur and then dispel the effect on the enemy with someone like Sonya or Caedmon. You can do both of those as well since you would be controlling which turn you dispelled.

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Sumitomo has value for me since I have Mitsuko, and the mana boost lets me not need such a high leveled 4* troop :slight_smile:

He’s probably the worst red 4* but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad hero. More so he’s just average in a game where all other red 4*s range from decent to amazing.


Bookmark this thread and study it until you’re ready to use Wilbur. I love Wilbur :hugs:


Thank you so much to all who replied! I’m going to start Wilbur.

And thank you @holmanski for explaining how Wilbur can spread max damage from targeting a weak color with a strong. That makes perfect sense yet I’m pretty sure it’s not something that would have dawned on me very quickly.

Also thank you @Rohn for the suggestion to start practicing with Wilbur while farming 8-7.

And thank you @princess1 for linking the thread. It’s definitely time for me to get the details down of how to get the best use from Wilbur.


I’d start Wilbur, and get him to the same spot Boldtusk is now, then decide which one you max first, and which one you max second at that point. It really comes down to a 1A/1B priority as I see it.

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