Boldtusk, Sumitomo, Sonya, or Grimm? Who should I take to the final ascension?

Trying to figure out who I need to ascend the most. I Have Wilbur, Kashhrek, Sabina, Gormek, Boril, Wu Kong, Caedmon, and Melendor maxed out. So who should be next out of Boldtusk, Sumitomo, Sonya, or Grimm?

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It’s a no brainer for me. I would max out Boldtusk, 100%


I would ascend the following in this order, and no other (ever):

  1. Boldtusk (as @JGE said)
  2. Grimm (as soon as possible)
  3. Sonya

  1. Sumitomo

According to 7DD’s hero grading Sumi is a B. I have not been that impressed but he’s not maxed yet… So why so little love for him for you?

several reasons:

  1. If you’re hurting for generic (gloves/compass) materials there are far better 4* to ascend
  2. If you’re hurting for red materials, there are better 4* reds (and don’t forget 5* reds need 8 hidden blades total)
  3. He looks like Hellboy’s wimpy little brother
  4. I would only ascend him if you had 2 other members of the Sakura family fully ascended.
  5. If we’re talking Emblems, he’s NOT taking them from Boldtusk (just no)
  6. His counterattack only covers him. He’s like the Obakon of the 4* world, serviceable but uninspiring. Plus you have Boril who is beastly.

I think that covers it.

If you ever find yourself bored and have excess materials, go for it with all blessings. I will ascend both of mine eventually… after everyone else. Oops. No. I ate one. I will ascend mine after every other red is ascended.

EDIT: My opinion changes if you somehow get Guardian Falcon.

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Very interesting. Thanks for the insight. I have 2 Sumi’s right now. I’ll probably let him sit for now. Boldtusk sounds like the way to go.

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Also, I’m sure you know this but it bears repeating (for anyone reading this thread): Duplicate heroes do not count for the family bonus.

Sumitomo is fine, but only for his family benefits :grinning:


I agree with Borril, he’s actually very viable now with emblems. Monster defense and deals a lot of damage back with riposte, thanks to the buff counterattack got in version 20.

Before I wasn’t very impressed with him, now he’s my tank, and holds me at 2300+ cups.

I leveled Sumitomo because I have Aemonna and Mitsuko, so the mana boost ends up mattering (for Mitsuko mostly) at that point. So I also agree with point 4 too


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