Which red hero to ascend - Wilbur, Boldtusk, or Zimktiha?

Hey guys, back for some more advice! This community was really helpful for me early on in helping me think through which Heroes to focus on (picture of my roster below). I’m trying to settle on a general purpose attack/defense team to focus on now that I’m starting to get the ascension materials to finish my 4* and to take some 5* to the third ascension. Ultimately I want a lot of options so I can tailor my team for the situation, but I’d really like a solid all purpose rainbow team as a core.

My big dilemma right now is on which red hero to focus on. RNG has been terrible to me and given me crap for ascending red heroes, so I only will have enough for one Hero at this time. My initial thought was Boldtusk because he’s such a solid tank, but I also have a lot of great Heroes that boost attack, and I’m thinking I could replace him with another competent healer and leave attack boosting to Kiril, Khiona, or Zim. However I’ve also heard that Wilbur is a beast for both raids and Titans, so there is some draw to ascending him as well.

Here is the all purpose lineup I was considering: Melendor - Wilbur - Khiona - Triton - Gretel.

My thinking is that would avoid any buff overrides, and Triton can pseudo-heal by buffing Melendor’s healing output. There is no AOE but not sure how important that is, and I suppose Wilbur provides some pseudo AOE as well.

If you were me, with this roster of Heroes, what would you focus on for an all purpose team?

This is accurate, Od say to level Wilbur, Boldtusk and then Zimkitha.

Wilbur & Khiona as core, Triton, Melendor and Gretel as replaceable components.

Could i ask your thoughts on Triton over Kiril? Is it because Kiril’s defense buff is a bit redundant with having Wilbur?

His attack buff would replace Khiona’s ones and his defense buff would replace Wilbur’s ones.
For an allround team I would rather avoid that…

Hands down do Zim! She has mad a huge difference in every team I’ve used her on including defense

I would up wilbur first, he’s extremely powerfull, with him in your attack team, it will be harder to lose, lianna and other sniper can no longer annoy you. He’s also extremely powerful against titans (massive defense/damage sharing buff). Je makes a solid difference. And i love the wukong/wilbur combo, it can just annhinilate an entire team. But keep in mind that it is not really a hero for defense.

i have wilbur and boldtusk , simply put wilbur fully charged is as good as wu

wilbur spirit links & all share damage , combined with multi hitters it does big damage , paired with mok arr family bonus it damages all & even dark heroes take damage from the shared damage buff

easily more impact for me than boldtusk

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