Defense Tank: Wilbur Or Boldtusk

Both being maxed, which one would be better?

Boldtusk for sure :slight_smile:


I’m more afraid of Wilbur than Boldtusk!

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Wilbur keeps me in high Platinum in the flank. Just ascended BT to 4T though so take it with a grain of salt.

Current lineup Proteus (Max), Richard (3-70), Viv (4-50), Wilbur (Max), Caedmon (Max).

Once maxed I may try BT instead of Wilbur but in Richard’s spot.

On defense, Wilbur is very easily countered by a dispeller (to remove the defense buffs) or by a cleanser/defense buffer (to flip the attacker’s defense debuff while still retaining the free spirit link), so I wouldn’t recommend having him on your defense team at all.

I used to use Boldtusk as my tank and could maintain about 2100 cups. I’d go with him.


Kiril+Grimm and your Wilbur is my friend now :slight_smile:

Wilbur aint a tank … BT is your guy.


Use Bt as tank. Wilbur does not have his place for defence.
But Wilbur is very powerful on offence and titan, consider that :wink: .

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You kinda need both a dispeller AND a cleanser if Wilbur pops. Not likely to have both charged when that happens (if you bothered to change you’re team up to have those both). Wilbur is a beast, even if you prepare for him.

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:ghost: Necro :ghost:

Does this still hold true at the end of 2019? Our alliance tanks red and I have both Boldtusk and Wilbur at +18. My gut says Boldtusk is the better tank but I’m curious how the game has shifted might have changed things.


Wilbur edges out at base (no emblems)

They are pretty much equal with emblems. (slight edge to BT)

BT takes the clear lead with costume.

You can say it depends on what the surrounding heroes are, but it’s really hard to manufacture a case where Wilbur is as good as Boldtusk.

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I find Wilbur less effective on defense than on offense. He is easy to counter with a defense down and AoE (or splash 3), or with Wilbur.

BT was my tank to mid-high platinum.

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BT was my tank at low diamond. But already switched with Anzogh, and I think it does not have much different result, I will check more later on.


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