Defense Tank: Wilbur Or Boldtusk

Both being maxed, which one would be better?

Boldtusk for sure :slight_smile:


I’m more afraid of Wilbur than Boldtusk!

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Wilbur keeps me in high Platinum in the flank. Just ascended BT to 4T though so take it with a grain of salt.

Current lineup Proteus (Max), Richard (3-70), Viv (4-50), Wilbur (Max), Caedmon (Max).

Once maxed I may try BT instead of Wilbur but in Richard’s spot.

On defense, Wilbur is very easily countered by a dispeller (to remove the defense buffs) or by a cleanser/defense buffer (to flip the attacker’s defense debuff while still retaining the free spirit link), so I wouldn’t recommend having him on your defense team at all.

I used to use Boldtusk as my tank and could maintain about 2100 cups. I’d go with him.


Kiril+Grimm and your Wilbur is my friend now :slight_smile:

Wilbur aint a tank … BT is your guy.


Use Bt as tank. Wilbur does not have his place for defence.
But Wilbur is very powerful on offence and titan, consider that :wink: .

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You kinda need both a dispeller AND a cleanser if Wilbur pops. Not likely to have both charged when that happens (if you bothered to change you’re team up to have those both). Wilbur is a beast, even if you prepare for him.

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