Yet another who should I ascent first thread

Edit: Eventually decided to ascend Wilbur first since I enjoy using him a lot more than BT. Now I have a different dilemma with capes (see post #7)

Yes sorry I know you guys are getting sick of these, and believe me I searched, but there doesn’t seem to be a clear cut answer.

Just finished Mount Umber today and got my 4th blade. Pushed my luck with my 3/60 4* team and actually made it through the final tier with just a few mana pots. So now I have enough mats to ascend ONE red hero, I need to pick between:

  • Boldtusk
  • Scarlett
  • Wilbur

I know BT is a staple favorite, but I honestly think Wilbur’s special is more versatile. I managed 5 straight tournament wins against teams with 200-300 TP above mine and couldn’t have done it without Wilbur. BT is more useful for defense since he can’t be abused, but I’m not too concerned with that right now. I like Scarlett for her insane attack stats, but she’s a glass cannon and just a bit too squishy, although it seems on her forth ascension is when she becomes “passable”.

Other 3/60 heroes in my roster:

Blue: Grimm, Boril
Green: Caedmon
Yellow: Chao, Li Xiu
Purple: Rigard, Merlin @ 2/38 from Avalon pull

and a whole assortment of other unleveled heroes just sitting there from all the pulls I did along the way: (all at 1/1 unless specified)

Red: Colen (1/20, 1,1), Gormek, Boldtusk (costume)
Blue: Richard (costume), Kiril x2, Sonya x2, Grimm
Green: Kashrek (1/40, 1/1), Skittleskull x2, Gadeirus
Yellow: Li Xiu x2 (costumes), Hu Tao x2
Purple: Rigard (costume), Sabina, Ameonna

These are probably the best 3 red 4 star heroes and you can’t really go too wrong. I would go BT first because he’s the most versatile imo. With emblems he’s an excellent tank, but you can can put him anywhere on defense and his boosts help so much in any attack team.
Wilbur is great for titans and very effective offensively. Based off your comments, he seems to be the one you enjoy using the most and if that’s indeed true, then by all means ascend him. It’s best to level the heroes that you like and enjoy playing with regardless of other people’s opinions.
Definitely save Scarlett to last though, shes the epitome of a glass cannon. Her tile damage is awesome but she dies very quickly even at max. Shes the most limited of the 3.

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i would say BT, but since you haven’t WuKong, Wilbur could help you more to achieve great scores vs titan and get more blades!

Khagan vs Natalya vs Jean, who should I ascend first?

Natalya or Jean but not khagan in my opinión

Considering you have Rigard, and because you prioritize offense over defense, I vote Wilbur first. Reducing defense has more impact than increasing attack.

Thanks I finally pulled the trigger on Wilbur and don’t regret it one bit. He’s just as tanky as BT, his special has allowed me to routinely punch 200-300 TP above my weight, and he’s a godsend for titans. He’s basically Gunnar+Isarnia with average speed wrapped in 4* red clothing. Can’t believe he isn’t 5* (well I guess the potential to be abused when used on defense team is why). I’m definitely gonna try to max him out ASAP and then use some emblems to make him even tankier. :slight_smile:

Now for a slightly different twist… I’m one cape away from ascending a blue 4*, and it’s 99% going to be Grimm. HOWEVER, like Scarlett he’s also a glass cannon. I pulled my first 5* ever from costume and it was Richard. I was honestly kinda meh about him but seems like he’s a decent blue tank. Plus at 3/70 he’s basically a 3/60 Grimm but with much better survivability. Yes I understand Grimm at 4/70 will have much higher attack than Richard at 3/70, but he’s still going to be squishy. Plus Grimm is not suited for defense, whereas a 3/70 Richard hits just as hard as a 3/60 Grimm and is also a good blue tank on defense, so now I’m kinda torn.

Hi, since I have no idea how to create a new post, i hope no one minds I will write here. I am attaching list of my heroes, any advices on how my rooster should look like? Since longer time i am playing Colen - Kiril - Boomer - Justice - Lianna, but wondering if this is the optimal or should i change it somehow. My roster is as follows:

5* = khagan, guin, kunchen, lianna, kadilen, 2xobakan, 2xjustice /neither maxed out due to lack of materials/
4* = 2xsonia, 2xcolen (1 fully max with emblems), sk8ttleskull, boomer, 2xkiril, hu tao, tiburtus, peters, baltazar, boril, li xiu, guardian chacal, caedmon, rigard, boldtusk, kelile, kamrat, ameonna, gadeiros, agwe, wu kong, chao, kashrek, little john, gormek, sabina, scarlett.

Who to ascend and who to focus on? Only recently i started playong heavily amd got a lot of cards and i dont know which ones to boost.


Hi, looks like no-one noticed your post, I’ll have a bit of a go at answering and hope someone who knows what they’re talking about joins in.

You don’t always want to be using the same team for different jobs. Sometimes you’ll want to pack a team with more of one colour than another, or more healers, or a counter for a particular enemy; like for example, in the recent Avalon event, some of the mobs reflect blue damage so it’s better not to use any blue heroes. So the standard advice is to work on at least 3 of each colour in 3* first, then 4*, before looking at the slow-and-expensive to level 5*. By then hopefully you’ll have got enough materials to max them and possibly some better choices to use those materials on!

Best 4* in my opinion for early game/general use: Blue: Kiril, Sonia, Boril
Red: Colen, Boldtusk, Kelile, Scarlet (I do like Colen but not everyone agrees)
Green: Peters, Caedmon, Little John
Yellow: Wu Kong, Guardian Jackal (Chacal), Li Xiu, Chao (the last two not great hitters but the mana control can be very useful)
Purple: Rigard, Tiburtus (if you have their costumes, so much the better). Both of these are pretty much must-have.

The others do have their uses, honourable mentions to Gadeirus, Kasshrek and Hu Tao for example, so I wouldn’t get rid of them but just queue them behind the others. Balthazar is a 3*, but a good one, so if you haven’t levelled him do that, use him for rare challenges and tournaments if you do those. Er, I don’t recognise Kamrat, not all of them have names recognisable in English, could you describe him/her?

Pick one of each colour to level at a time and feed them their own colour where possible as it gives more experience points and a better chance to level the skill (in case you didn’t know that trick).

As for the 5*, Lianna, Guinevere, Kunchen are all top rated, Kadilen and Justice are not bad, although Justice is best at tank where Guin and Kunchen are also best. Khagan and Obakan are not amazing, so I wouldn’t be in a rush to spend materials on them for now.

I don’t remember what rarity Boomer is. I do know he’s not generally well considered, though presumably he works well enough for you! One advantage if you’ve got him on raid defence is that most people won’t come across him that often so may not know how to deal with him…

I’m not the best at suggesting defence line-ups so let’s hope someone else finds this post and has good ideas!

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5* at 3.70 are generally less powerful than maxed 4*.

If you have them costumed up to 3.70 too (not a crazy amount of feeders) then they’d be a touch stronger than a maxed 4 without emblems… The question is how many emblems would be going on Grimm once maxed, IMHO.

What materials do you have?
Can you max 5* or not?

What hero’s are max levelled right now?

Generally, you should work on atleast 3-4 rainbow teams of 3* and another 3-4 teams of 4* before starting on 5* cards - if you have the materials to max a 5 already then it will naturally be more powerful, but it’ll take far longer and you’ll have less versatility than if you did several 4’s.

Good point about the emblems.

I have 121 barbarian emblems, and since Grimm is the only barbarian I have that’s worth anything (I have an unleveled Gormek, and he’s staying that way for a while), once I max out Grimm I’m giving him all 120 of those emblems. So I guess there really is no point to leveling Richard at this point. Thanks for the answer!

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