Wilbur or Boldtusk

Hi guys I have enough mats to bring on tier 4 one of those guys so which one I suppose to use hidden blade’s Wilbur or Boldtusk??
My current team is
Skittlescull 4/70/2
Kiril 4/70/2
Boss Wolf 3/27
Wu Kong 4/60
Gormek 4/53
Please help

You’d eventually want both for depth but Wilbur is a long term hero where BT will be for occasional use like wars. Kiril fills the heal + attack boost role nicely, Wilbur’s defense and spiritlink is superior for survivability, especially against some if tge challenge and rare quest bosses.


Wilbur should be a 5* hero. I’m actually using emblems on him. There’s no doubt that he is by far the best 4* hero not only among red ones, but of the whole game.


Both are 2 of the most annoying 4* tanks. I take Wilbur for all titans and try to manage to keep his buff active all the time. Definitely ascent Wilbur first. He’s not so helpful in wars, but all in all the better allrounder. Boldtusk becomes more or less useless, since you have the right 5*, but Wilbur will be even useful, if you’ll have 30 maxed 5* (so far).

Nice one, everyone told me to bring Wilbur up so I will do that then

I was about to post question about wilbur or azlar and after reading this, im going wilbur and hoping to snag gm, before i get to azlar…

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