Ascension Advice: Lord Loki or King Arthur

Took for what seemed like forever to get the scopes but now I have the dilemma; Loki or Arthur. Please help! I’m suffering analysis paralysis…

No brainer. Lord Loki, of course. He can have the skills of enemy heroes on the opposing board. He is a fun hero to have (I wish I have him). Ka, if you don’t have Frida, is essential against red titans. But he gets boring as he is boxed to a very specific use. LL is more fun in most aspects of the game.


Another vote for lord Loki.


Another +1 for Lord Loki, we can use Nordri for red Titan.


As an owner of Lord Loki, go for it. So much fun! Enemy Alfrike? Bring it!


Awesome! Thanks so much for the detailed reply. Been waiting on Loki for a long time and got Arthur in the meantime so this advice just seals it. Thanks everyone!

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Past 8* or 9* Nordri gets one slashed even at +20, so definitely need someone with more survivability there.

I’m also weird in that I value elemental debuffers a lot more than most people do, but I have Frida instead of Arthur, and I could make an argument for her being superior to Lord Loki in a blue stack especially if you pair her with other hit-3 heroes like Richard/Thorne/Glenda/Lepus/Cobalt, plus the dispel is nice too. So if it was Frida vs Lord Loki, I’d probably have voted Frida.

@Minstron I’d still bring Arthur to 3/70 regardless, for titans he’s serviceable at that level, and has much more durability than a Nordri+20 (who is just slightly below a 3/60 4* in terms of raw stats)

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Frida was one of my earliest acquisitions (HoM way back when) and she’s awesome!