Ascension Advice: Lord Loki or King Arthur

Took for what seemed like forever to get the scopes but now I have the dilemma; Loki or Arthur. Please help! I’m suffering analysis paralysis…

No brainer. Lord Loki, of course. He can have the skills of enemy heroes on the opposing board. He is a fun hero to have (I wish I have him). Ka, if you don’t have Frida, is essential against red titans. But he gets boring as he is boxed to a very specific use. LL is more fun in most aspects of the game.


Another vote for lord Loki.


Another +1 for Lord Loki, we can use Nordri for red Titan.


As an owner of Lord Loki, go for it. So much fun! Enemy Alfrike? Bring it!

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Awesome! Thanks so much for the detailed reply. Been waiting on Loki for a long time and got Arthur in the meantime so this advice just seals it. Thanks everyone!

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Past 8* or 9* Nordri gets one slashed even at +20, so definitely need someone with more survivability there.

I’m also weird in that I value elemental debuffers a lot more than most people do, but I have Frida instead of Arthur, and I could make an argument for her being superior to Lord Loki in a blue stack especially if you pair her with other hit-3 heroes like Richard/Thorne/Glenda/Lepus/Cobalt, plus the dispel is nice too. So if it was Frida vs Lord Loki, I’d probably have voted Frida.

@Minstron I’d still bring Arthur to 3/70 regardless, for titans he’s serviceable at that level, and has much more durability than a Nordri+20 (who is just slightly below a 3/60 4* in terms of raw stats)

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