Unsure on some ascension decisions

Well it’s about that time again where I need to choose between a couple different heroes of each colour to take all the way. Could anyone provide some opinions on the following heroes?

Blue: Magni or Richard?
Was hoping for Ariel or Misandra during AR but I’ve finished my pulls without either, so I’ll pick a season 1 to ascend. I have the costume for Richard. I’m not sure if/when Magni’s is coming.

Purple: Guardian Panther or Kunchen?
Although I didn’t get a blue hero I did just receive a Kunchen fresh from the summon gate. Our alliance wars with purple tanks but I already have a maxed Ursena, and while Kun is great for titans Panther is even better I reckon. It’s just that while Ursena is a better raid tank imo Kun might be the better war tank and could work well with Mother North (except that they’d be sharing emblems bleh). I’m leaning Panther here.

Yellow: Vivica or Guardian Gazelle?
This is the toughest decision for me and the main reason I made this topic for some help. Vivica and her costume were pulled from the costume chamber. Gazelle seems like a force on offense (haven’t played around with her much though) but Viv in that outfit would see a ton of use as well, and might make her way into my defense (cleric emblems yet again gurrrr) whereas Gazelle probably wouldn’t.

Since my other maxed 5*s are super relevant I’ll list them. Poseidon and Joon, Miki and Vela, Zimkitha and Grazul, Ursena and Kageburado, Kingston and Mother North. I really appreciate any thoughts.

Congratulations on your luck so far! Not sure I wanna know how many spins you done :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll make the assumption that in addition to the 10x 5* heroes listed, you also have a pretty good base of 4* heroes maxed.

I’ll answer in reverse order:

100% Vivica. Her costume is amazing and totally worth pulling all the emblems from MoNo and giving to her…
MoNo is meh on a defence team imo… I don’t know if I can remember the last time that I actually lost to a team BECAUSE MoNo was there… She’s just too slow as a reviver in the wing for my opinion… So bottom line for me is its not a shame at all if the emblems come off her and onto Vivica costumed.
Only argument I might have put forward for Gazelle was as a damage booster but you have Miki so…

I agree with you on panther. You have a great and formidable purple tank in Ursena. Added to that the fact that you are able to sink sorcerer emblems on her bit the cleric ones are in hot demand (and imo better used on Costume Viv)…
Panther as you said is a titan beast. She’s also great in other offence positions too, such as raids, wars and tournaments.

Probably Magni. Richard would be the go to if you needed a tank but…
I’d say Magni is more useful and fits in better with your other snipers. Plus that attack stat goes nicely with Miki on titans.

Unsolicited Defence advice
In terms of a defence team I would suggest:

Zimkitha -> Kageburado -> Costume Vivica -> Ursena -> Kingston

And put the emblems on those heroes :∆



If it was me.

If you feel you really need a 5* heal, then vivica isn’t a terrible choice, especially being the only yellow cleanser and dispeller

Either way viv and gazelle both deserve darts so both will be maxed at some point, just depends on what you feel the greater need is right now


Not even costume Viv sways you?

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More i think about it the more i would probly go viv first due to cleanse and dispel and the value of those in wars

Gazelle may still be usable at 3/70 idk her stats at that stage


Great post Guvnor! Thank you.

Mother North doesn’t go into my raid defense but seems to trip people up sometimes in wars, particularly heal aid. Pretty sure this will occur less and less as we get stronger and face tougher alliances.

That suggestion for defense looks like a solid squad. I’ve always wondered about the weird synergy Kage and Ursena might have together on defense as neither are exceptional finishers but it’s surely a minor point. I’ll have to remember to give that a go once Vivica is finished.

Rigs yeah I think both those yellows would work well together in the same stack and will almost certainly be my next two to finish in whichever order. Gazelle has been tough to get a bead on as opinions have varied somewhat and she’s still relatively new. I just think she’s really cool lol that’s about the extent of my own analysis so far. :joy:

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So far only gazelle complaints I’ve seen is in the forum

No complaints from teammates yet

With vivs costume you can use her instead of kunchen though she’s yellow and you have the purple tank thing but it makes it easier to go panther since effectively you get kunchen in vivs costume.

Plus you have ursena so that’s covered. She really doesn’t work well at 3.70 for survival imo I tried to use her there before I had the darts but against emblemed 5s she’s too weak until max

And magni is great though squishy but very strong w emblems on attack. I have Richard and a second magni and am leaning Richard only for diversity but if I had only 1 of each magni would be first.

Good luck.

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