Red Ascension Help Please

Question if you can help. I have Ares, Azlar, Santa Clause all ready for their 5th ascension. Who do you recommend and why? I ask why so I can put it into my current hero roster.

Ares = because he provides more utility with average speeds. You have to also consider the heroes you plan on pairing with him.

I agree. Ares would be my choice.

Santa is a better tank and is very survival oriented but fielding him is assuming a long fight, hence the whole team should be suitable for that scenario.

I disagree with this - in a vaccuum (i.e. not considering your other heroes) I would say Santa. Great application for titans and PVE, and have seen him put to good use as raid/war tank. As long as you have fast and average heroes you can also very much get great utilisation out of slow heroes in raids.

Ares is a bit dated and his effects on 3 are quite limited. Probably has the best potential against green titans.

Who are you planning to run the new hero with?

I was leaning towards Ares or Santa Clause. But either way they wouldn’t be on my raid defense team. It’s going to be strictly a titan/war hero that I use for attacking. I also have Grazul and Reuben but they aren’t ready yet. Should I wait for one of them?

With those in the mix, I would nudge it towards Grazul. Her blocking + minor heal at VF is useful in a lot of situations in PVP (lesser extent in PVE, and you wouldn’t use her against titans). If titans are important, and you don’t have Wilbur, then go with Santa for the -44 defence

My 2 monored teams in wars:

Grazul seems legit but it’s only for 2 turns.

Two turns is all you need to block a crucial move. Especially those DOT heroes all over defenses.

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