Which 5 star red to ascend next

Ok so I need some help deciding which 5 star red to ascend next and whether I swap out Red Hood from my raid defence team.
This is my current defence team

And these are the reds in the line up

I already have one Grazul at 4/80+7 so was thinking Jean-Francois and swapping out Red Hood
What do you think.
@Guvnor any advice please?

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I think JF would be the safest choice for next.

In terms of swapping out RH, I would try it and see how it goes. Both swapping and and keeping RH have merit, so I would let each run for a few days and see if the difference is noticeable. JF might have a slight edge though due to his speed, but I suspect it’ll be fairly even. In which case pick the one you feel like staring at for the next few days every so often and let it ride :+1:

That being said I personally might pick Anzogh. I think he’s under appreciated simply because he’s not devastating, but he can be useful and I have a tendency to prefer variety. If you need a less rational reason, admittedly the last one was shaky at best, it’s hard to argue with a person who carries a dinosaur sized pizza cutter on their back. Heck of a way to go …

Good luck!


Also in support of Anzogh is his innate ability to resist mana ailments – useful agains Telluria.

In support of JF is his speed and defense against blue and defense against status ailments.

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I vote for Grazul. Very fast heroes are the current meta and will still continue to do so for years.


I would say you’re heading down the right track with JF :slight_smile: I can’t see any existing hero for the Wizard emblems but I suspect it will be someone like Sartana?

Anyways, If you are wanting versatility than JF is probably your guy.

Anzogh is situational & needs to be propped up by Falcon & Wilbur to be really good. Elena has a lot of value but really only for her high attack stat… In raiding she’s pretty squishy & a bit of a hit/miss character. Grazul you can take to 3-70 and make use of her in wars etc… I wouldn’t bother with Khagan.


Anzogh is never really a concern when I face him. I always find him a bit underwhelming?

JF can be a pain if I can’t stop him but I find with my Grazul I can fire before he does and he’s completely neutered.

That said if you don’t neuter him he can be very painful if you can’t get a cleanse on in time.

I’m going to throw a vote for Elena. I had mine ready to go but pulled Mitsuko before I got the final ring and since Mitsuko is super anti-Vela and co I couldn’t pass it up but Elena is actually pretty nasty too. Decent riposte and her base attack is solid and she has an annoying habit of getting back up when emblemed. Slow puts people off mind but she’s on my list to take over when I get there again.

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