Ares of Jf / Killhare or Costume Domitia /Onatel Vs Malosi

Hi Everyone,

These are my next two choices for ascension. Wondering what everyone thinks and appreciate the feedback. With telly nerf will not be spending for awhile so want to make the right choices

I won’t have emblems for any them except for starting Onatel/Jf a few levels.

In both cats In have fully levelled



G,Jackal(he’s a beast so included him

I’m leaning Ares as he can join my red titan team and Killhare as I just got Dom costume and she will take much longer…yellow is 50/50.

Thanks for the help. Good luck with the Tavern today…

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I don’t have experience with most of these heroes (on offense), so take these comments with the appropriate grain of cumin:

  • Even though I already have GM, I wanted JF for the defensive buff flip mechanic, but failed to land him (what I’m saying here is that the conflicting burn wasn’t a problem in my mind).

  • I’m really excited about Costumed Domitia. I note that you lack a five star cleanser (and, particularly , Kunchen, for being in the right element), so I think she should be a strong consideration. You may be aware that some are arguing for her as valid choices over Clarissa and Seshat. Whether or not you agree, that’s heady company.

  • I’m not sold on Malosi, though that may be because I don’t have a yellow mana troop (I still get a lot of use out of Jackal so I don’t think it’s entirely about the troop). But Onatel is one of the most fun heroes on my roster. She’s one of only maybe 3-4 heroes in my deck that can win singlehandedly - I don’t mean necessarily by themselves, though sometimes that happens - but in terms of totally changing how a raid is going - the others are probably Mother North, Seshat, and maybe GM. She also has great synergy with Leo.

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Thnx for the feedback!

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