Help me decide who to level/assend next

Looking for input on overall leveling/ascending. my priorities would be war depth, titan damage, then raids.

current capped heros
seshat, ursena, kunchen
poseidoon, c-vivica, ranvir, drake
telly, lianna, ratatoskr
vela, c-magni, king arthur
marjana, zim, mitsuko

in progress and will cap
kingston (thank you atlantis portal), hel (thank you TOL portal)

I have enough mats to ascend one more purple, red and blue.

options to level:
Purple: Clarissa, grimble, domitia, sartana quintus. leaning towards Clarissa, but have time as Hel will take awhile

Holy: Delilah, Joon, Leonidas, Norns, Malosi, Onatel, Justice. next would be Delilah or Joon depending on if i need a healer or sniper, but only at 2 darts currently

Green: Atomos, Elkanen. no real choice since Kingston will get tonics. although emblems for Kingston may be a problem

Blue: Misandra, Richard, Isarnia, c-Magni #2, Thorne. may wait for better hero. while misandra and c-Magni are nice, they are both fighters and will probably not get emblems.

red: Grazul, JF, Elena, Lady Loki, Noor, Anzogh, leaning towards Lady Loki

any input would be appreciated


My personal take:

Purple – Clarissa or Hel. Both are going to be amazing; hel with mana control & clarissa with fast poison damage. I would take both to 70 then test them out to work out which specifically will work with your play style best.

Yellow – Malosi or Onatel here. Norns is great fun to play with in a colour stack but you’ll probably get more value out of Malosi or Onatel. Similarly, delilah is also amazing but you already have C-Vivica as a holy healer so…
Malosi would probably be my pick tho, mainly because hes very fast mana speed & will be able to assist in shutting down the GTV or whatever meta we have. Joon is also good but Malosi will probably be more versatile tbh.

Green – Yeah defs Kingston. doesn’t matter bout the emblems. Mine manages just fine in wars and that without emblems.

Blue – You could easily wait, especially since blue heroes aren’t a massive priority given the era of green tanks. of the options I would probably go Misandra or Isarnia.

Red – 100000000000000% Grazul first then L-Loki. Grazul is just AMAZING at shutting down the entirety of the GTV era. Especially if you have a level 11+ mana troop to equip with her. like I cannot recommend Grazul highly enough. With her I have a win rate of about 80% against the GTV (pre second nerf) set-up.


I don’t know if we see the assend of any heroes. AFAIK all of them are depicted from the front. So you get crotchend and boobend, but no assend.

(Sorry, had to do it)

Clarissa, Delilah, Isarnia, Atomos after Kingston, and Grazul. Grazul is awesome

In my honest opinion I would go with the following:
Purple = Clarissa
Blue = Missandra
Red = Jean Francois or Grazul
Whichever hero you choose, good luck

@Guvnor - question from me. This is my current raid defence team

But I also have Grazul

Is it better to replace Jean Francois with Grazul?
Domitia will be replaced with Clarissa once she gets some emblems

I don’t find Grazul very effective on defence as you can wait her effect out without any real impact & she doesn’t do much healing.

I would leave JF in there.

My opinions for each color:

Purple - Sartana (I’ve found Clarissa extremely underwhelming)
Yellow - Malosi (Joon is also a good choice, I’d not do Delilah right now due to already having Vivica)
Green - Ehh… I’d probably hold off on either of those. Elk is very underwhelming without Evelyn
Blue - I like Isarnia and Richard, but I agree with you on possibly waiting for a different blue
Red - Lady Loki (She is fantastic!!)