Alliance Wars -->> Share your teams, strategy & discuss

Before and during the war, some topics to start off with:

  • Do you think the current warmatching was equitable?

  • What colour your alliance use for the tanks?

  • What strategy do your alliance use related to reset?

  • Share your defense team at the current war.

  • What strategy do you use in attack? (e.g. mono, 3-2, etc.)

During and after the war:

  • How many attacks did you succeed? (e.g. videos can be shared; I liked the ones @KLinMayhem posted at tournament)

  • Did your alliance win the current war?

  • What strategy the opponents used? (Tank color, how many resets)

  • Do you think to change anything for the next war?

  • Are you satisfied with the loot from warchest? (Screenshots may be shared)

  • Any other thoughts about the current war.

NOTE: If you think revealing your strategies and teams wouldn’t benefit your alliance, keep the anonymity. e.g. Use graffiti on screenshots.

I opened this thread hopping most of us could learn useful things from high level and/or experienced players. Also, I could make it prettier if I’d have known the BB Codes used on this forum.



I added a teeny bit of formatting for you. :slightly_smiling_face:




Loose lips sink ships :joy:


Usually I use red or blue tanks. At this war I chose red. In attack I go with 3-2. Sometimes 3-1-1. The warmatching seems to favour us greatly, but I’m not sure until I see the opponents teams in battlefield. Anyway, I never underestimate russians :slight_smile:


We use purple tanks! take out Lower first once respawn take out again! We usually hit pretty late too! Get a reset then another reset in straight away! Not strategy really but Dunno if the oppersite team think we not bothering but a few times we won with 0 flags n they had about 20 haha! See at the last 30 mins a few start coming out to take us down to late by then last one was close only 12 points


We did pretty well first half; 9 flags/8 wins. I hope they will fight back. Last month we had an alliance which refused to attack after they’ve seen we won all attacks. Oh, well…


Yeah that stupid though! As iv seen in wars most people use there best heros first! Then suffer later on! Fair your dominating the start but lack later! my last war was the only one with flags 6 my leader see me online dude y’all gonna hit 2hours left? Waiting for blah blah blah to respawn I’ll take them 3 out clean up blah n use two flags to take out blah! Timing is everything too plus with 6 flags give you more option! Did a personal record of 235! In a training alliance and I can pinch above my weight! :wink:

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•Do you think the current warmatching was equitable?

Yes and no. I think they might have stronger overall bench depth, but only time will tell whether or not they use it effectively.

•What colour your alliance use for the tanks?

My alliance doesn’t use a mono tank strategy. We might do that in the future when our lower levels have more variety on their benches, but for now we just put up the best we have to work with.

•What strategy do your alliance use related to reset?

Kill low teams in the first half, go for resets in the second.

•Share your defense team at the current war.

Nothing fancy. Same as I use for raids. Mel, BT, Cyp, Chao and Sonya (for lack of having anything better, I’m not cup dropping, I just don’t have any maxed 5*)

•What strategy do you use in attack? (e.g. mono, 3-2, etc.)

Depends on the opponent.


I’m with you there @Scarecrow. We underestimated a Russian team once, they were playing with us, put out lower level heroes on defense (all leveled /unleveled 3-4*). Then proceeded to wipe us out several times. Won’t make that mistake again



Yeahhh we got killed. :laughing:
Their bench was as strong as I had feared, and they used most of it.
Friggin trying to take out multiple teams near or well above 4k TP with Field Aid when my best teams are 3600… and I’m one of the strongest players on my team…

Ah well what are you gonna do… :man_shrugging:

Congrats to my opponents. :+1:


I feel sad for you. I will update too. My war has still 3 hours to ending. But yeah… I really crushed the russians :slight_smile:



It’s okay, we’ve done great in the past. We’ve had win streaks of 5 in a row and 4 in a row, and our worst losing streak is 3 in a row.

We won the last one, going to lose this one. Hopefully we’ll win the next.

Our problem is that we advanced too fast, beat every team at our own level so now our opponents are all stronger. A few more losses and we’ll probably get knocked back down to a level where we can actually win.


This war, my alliance was way overmatched. Their weakest team was about equal to our mid-level teams. With field aid, we really didn’t stand a chance.

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Like I said, the opponents were weaker than us. Best opponent TP 4174. We won 14 attacks out of 18.

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This war will not be so easy like the previous one was. I see two of my opponents (almost 4200 and 4200+) with Kunchen tank. Very fast heroes like Kage and GM, are also there. Nevertheless, I will double their score :smiling_imp:

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Scroll down for final updated results

Do you think the current warmatching was equitable?

Not even remotely.

What colour your alliance use for the tanks?

No mono strategy, each member uses the best team they have available (mostly F2P members under level 30, they each only have a small handful of 4* or maybe one or two 5* if they’re lucky)

What strategy do your alliance use related to reset?

We try for resets in the second half of the war. Normally we get 2 resets, but current war we’ll be lucky to get 1.

Share your defense team at the current war.

Same as the team I used in the last several wars. Mel, BT, Cyp, Chao, Sonya. I’m actually surprised our opponent hasn’t taken me out yet, they’ve already taken out half our team.

What strategy do you use in attack? (e.g. mono, 3-2, etc.)

Occasionally I have some members go mono and let others do cleanups, but this time I really don’t think it matters. We’ve already accepted the fact that we’re going to lose no matter what we do. This will be our last war for a while. Each member can do whatever they want. I no longer care.

(we actually did end up using strategies, some mono attacks to break the stronger defenses for our lower level teams to try to mop up after. didn’t really matter in the end though, we still lost. :man_shrugging:)


As expected, my alliance lost, 3189 to 3108. So close, right? Except that we used every flag and they left 23 unused. One of their higher members sat there online with 3 unused flags and waited to see if we were going to catch up. Once we used our last flag, he logged off.

They just toyed with us like a cat playing with a wounded bird. :roll_eyes:

Oh well. Congratulations to those who won their wars.


Just look what they have done… How to do such huge mistakes?? Both reds, GM and QoH, should have set on flanks. GM is very fast anyway. QoH should be protected by Kunchen, if she gonna make use of taunt properly. I didn’t expect this. I already attacked few times; so easy wins and I didn’t use a third of my legendaries yet. I was convinced 100% I will face Kunchen as tank. Would have been a nice war. Now is not war anymore. It’s extermination. Meh…


No comment…


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