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Nice matchmaking. Very aggressive since the first minutes. Both alliances attacked in the first half hour, all 9 flags used by each side. It is balanced till now, though I don’t know if they have enough fire power for the second half. We have. I can’t wait the 5th and last war (hoping will be the last). The war for warchest is always very tough, with much stronger opponents. Additional points for each previous victory at warscore, make the last war be a real challenge. For now, this is the situation:

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This war may be my first defeat this year. Well, I say this at every 5th war, because my warscore is so increased after 4 victories, such that we receive aliens as opponents :rofl:

At least two of them this time. Russians again, almost 4300 TP. And the worse part I have no idea what colour they will play tomorrow. They have Kunchen and Ares as tanks. Obviously, red tanks would be great for me. Ares is useless in defense, but the noobs don’t realize that.

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Well, the two strongest opponents got depressed and refused to attack. Despite the fact they had stronger defenses than us, we just wiped them out. Probably they realized today cannot win even if they would win every single attack. We did 15 eliminations of possible 18. As usually, I won all my six attacks with my main and attacked only those 2, for a better score.

I’m pretty satisfied with my warchest loot. If I get such loot at every 2 and a half weeks, it’s pretty sure I’m satisfied :sunglasses:

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For defense team we used very often yellow tank and two purples heroes on both side of the tank. For us it works great. With the other colors works as well.


Before and during the war, some topics to start off with:

Do you think the current warmatching was equitable?

No…our average defense TP was 107 behind, our weakest has a 2,1k defense, their weakest had 3,4k.
But why should I complain, the war before it was -170 points and we won.

What colour your alliance use for the tanks?

No specific color. We tried…let me guess…purple or green once, dunno, but that hurts our mid-players and also weakens the strong ones with Guin. Edit: it was blue :slight_smile:

What strategy do your alliance use related to reset?

Take out some lower players (depends on how many are opted in), about 5 to 10, after respawn take them out again and reset…if it fits, then a second reset before the end.

Share your defense team at the current war.
Kiril +10, Kashhrek +1, Cyprian +11, Queen of Hearts 3/70, Li Xiu +1 (3584 TP)

was taken out in a one-shot by a 3,8k player, next time they needed 3 players with 4 attacks, so I’m okay with it…

What strategy do you use in attack? (e.g. mono, 3-2, etc.)

Almost every time 3-2 - the last attacks are the ones from the discounter, this time I tried mono green and failed, I think I’ll stick to 3-2…

During and after the war:

How many attacks did you succeed?

3 one-shots against higher players, 3 times good points

Did your alliance win the current war?

Yes, we reset them twice, only 2 flags left from our lowest player, they have 14 left and our reset strategy was the better one. 4158-3585.

What strategy the opponents used? (Tank color, how many resets)

Almost all had green tanks. Many Kashhreks seen, but also Skittles and Mel and that’s the reason why we don’t use a uniform tank color. Ah and I remember, we tried blue, so my alt had to put Grimm as tank, not so ideal.

They were much more uncoordinated, reset us once, but it seemed more accidentally than planned and they only had strong opponents in the end and no one was online - so their mid-players only scored 0-5 points. We did the second reset about 2 hours before the end and had enough opponents left then for the last flags.

Do you think to change anything for the next war?

Nope, this one was almost perfect. Okay, one thing: saw that update-because-of-mana-bug too late and my husband had some bad luck with it and failed on one attack (my alt, too, that was the reason I investigated it)…

Are you satisfied with the loot from warchest? (Screenshots may be shared)

it’s 21/25 and the normal loot was…normal.

Any other thoughts about the current war.

No…was a good war, won against the stronger teams…


This time: our defenses are 195 points lower in average… again. I’d like to have a weaker opponent.
Flipped them twice, they also did it…we lead a long time but now no more and I guess we’ll have one member less after this war…

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Sorry to hear this. Your alliance is small, isn’t it? You, your husband and how many more?

P.S. I have nothing to post about my war. Weak opponents, 3 tanks 3 different colours… Well, anyone can imagine what happened.


No, we are…27? But not so many opted in atm, 18 today. We almost always have stronger opponents, we’re a bit used to it, but when the average TP of the opponents exceeds 190 points more, we always lose. I hoped we could break this today, but one of our members doesn’t seem to want to contribute - once more. He’ll be kickedthen, enough is enough.
And we faced too many bad boards, including me.

My first fight was very good, took out a 4,2k team with a 3,5k team, but afterwards I only had boards of hell and lost against teams with my TP. Embarrassing, normally at least 4 of my 6 attacks are successful.

Next time…

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Usually do you attack mono at wars? I hope not against similar TP opponents at least :slight_smile:

No, usually I go 3-2 or 2-2-1.

That 4,2k had a red tank (Marjana) with Vivica and Richard as flanks, so I went with Kiril, Rigard, Grimm, Tibs and Sonya and that was easy.

My kind of player. 3-2 at wars, me too. But yeah, even with 2 colours sometimes the board is impossible :smile: For example, the current war, my alliance should have reached the maximum score, with no defeat, such weak and noobs opponents we had. But I didn’t see in long time such awful boards like at this war. I missed 2 attacks of six and this is embarrassing for me.

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3-2 has a good success rate in raids and war. But bad boards are bound to happen, even rainbow teams get bad boards, so, you can’t win them all.

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Yeah, but it’s really annoying when the opponent is only 200 points ahead and you know, normally you would have provided 100 or more of these :rofl: (scored 259 this war and last wars it were 377 and 381)

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Current match making was a joke, we won by 600 points even if we were left with 20 unused flags… Our opponents must have come after a long wining streak.

@AngelOfDark666, scoring heavily depends on the war you are fighting. For my current alliance 381 points is a mathematical impossibility, as the stronger opponents (4200+TP) are worth about 65 points tops. I one-shoted 5 teams this time and scored 324. Top war attacker scored 328. On the other hand, my top war score ever was 577, but at that time, my top war opponents were worth around 100 points each. I remember it was an alliance of whales some of them had defenses made of 3-70 heroes with level 30 troops!!! It sure was a strange war…

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Yeah I know, it depends on how many people fight and how the points are spread (number of teams with less HP, number of teams with high HP), but the last 3 wars were almost similar. The 4,2 k brought me 92 points.

We had wars with 26 people, there 259 would be a high score :slight_smile:

We’re fielding 26 teams currently.

24 vs 24 150k guilds facing: we won by an inch. We both reset each other after the 15 hour. we were losing by 33 points last hour. Our remaining shoots were offline. Finally they logged and turned the tides.

Got 134 points. Fed 126 (killed 3 times with 8 flags) I am really happy with that ratio per flag despite being the lowest of my guild.

I hate those aoe specials that leaves all your team in red. I feel relieved when I see no heal as field aid.

My frustration with alliance wars is watching levels 50+ going after the weakest teams leaving the mid 30s level players to attack way stronger teams. Wars are very selfish. I’m level 53 and only attack 4000 tp or higher teams. I might not beat those teams but I’ll try to tank bust at least. Just walked away from an alliance where the level 60 guy attacked 3600 tp teams. If a game makes you mad walk away

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When our opponents do such stupid things, I’m laughing :slight_smile:
In our alliance the rule is: the lower opponents are for our weaker players, so they have the chance to score and to be successful. This way they can contribute much more.

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