War matchmaking question

No, this isn’t another vent post about it, I already know how it works, I’ve already complained about opponents exploiting it (without calling them out directly).

My question is: is there a way to know exactly “where” my alliance currently ranks overall in the win/loss ratio / war history algorithm? So that I can know how many wars we’ll have to lose before we return to fair fights?

See, here’s the thing… my alliance used to war with our original members, about a year ago. And we had quite a winning streak going early on. Then… well, as you know, if a mid level alliance wins a bunch of mid level wars, eventually they start getting paired up against high level alliances. And that’s about when we stopped doing wars, because… to put it quite frankly, they were all complete bull :poop:.

Now recently I’ve brought in some new members who like to do wars. I’m not exactly sure what their own individual war histories are, so I don’t know if they actually boosted our war history or dropped it? All I know is, is that we’re still being paired up against stronger teams, which tells me that the majority of my warring members have probably won the majority of their previous wars. Which is great! I love that.

Only question is… how does that affect our overall score? How many losses do we need to return back to “neutral” level where we are not fighting overpowered opponents? Is there an “easy” way to figure this out without having an advanced degree in mathematics?

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Ehh, nothing? Okay then. About what I figured.

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Let’s give it a while.


Two ways to tell:

  1. Track all your war results so you know where you stand in win/loss ratio. But that you would have had to start 20 wars ago.

  2. Have each alliance member opt out one at a time and see what affect that has on your war score. Once all members have done that you can figure out what the added score is from previous wars. Track that for a couple wars and see what affect a win/loss has on it and extrapolate.

No easy way, unfortunately.

Maybe I should add – two ways that I can think of.


Good point, I just figured it might be one of those questions that doesn’t have an easy answer. I’ve been trying to figure out how it all works… seems our war score changes +/- 500 points based on a win or loss, but I don’t know what that actually means in terms of tracking results from the last 20 wars… how many wars does one have to lose for the median win/loss history to be set back to 0 / neutral / or however the heck they calculate it? Since I didn’t keep track of every win and loss over the last 20 wars, I can’t exactly recall whether or not we’re on an overall winning streak or losing streak. I’m just assuming, based on the fact that our current opponent overpowers us in every conceivable way, that we must still be on a “winning streak” that is still carried over from a year ago.

Unfortunately, that’s the thing… we stopped doing wars about 8-10 months ago, so I don’t remember where we were at in the win/loss ratio at that time… and now half of our war team is newer members who came from different alliances - guessing their previous win/loss records don’t transfer? Otherwise there would be no point in alliance resetting… in that case, that means it’s our 6 original accounts who still have an excessive win/loss ratio…

If they leave and come back, will that reset the ratio? Will it affect their war chest loot? :confused:

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Don’t have to leave, just opt out of war and see what the war score changes to. Then opt back in and have next player opt out.

War chest loot is only affected if you join another alliance and fight a war there.

I don’t think the ratio is reset unless you actually create a new alliance and disband the old one.

Okay, that’s what I thought… and yeah, 5 of our original war fighters have opted out.

But still, it’s based on total team power, and our teams are all very different levels. Example; my personal war score would probably be higher than half of my warring team’s scores even if I had never fought in a single war, simply by virtue of the fact that my heroes are much higher level than theirs.

I guess I just wish there was a way to determine how much of an individual player’s war score is affected by win/loss history, vs. actual team strength. I’m sure there is a formula for it, but I’m also fairly certain it’s not exactly publicly disclosed type information.

I think the won/loss history factor is added on top of the total of everyone’s individual score, which is based on your top 30 heroes and top 5 troops. Rainbow I think for the troops and the top 5 heroes that get a bonus.

The won/loss total is an alliance factor that should not affect your individual score. That individual score should be the same whatever alliance you are in.

Ohhh okay… so, in theory, if everyone opted out temporarily, and we still had a war score, that score would represent the alliance’s overall win/loss adjustment (in theory)?

Probably if everyone opted out there would be no war score as there’s nothing to add the won/loss adjustment to. That’s why you need to figure out everyone’s individual contribution individually and then subtract that from the total to work out the current adjustment.

But you could try everyone opting out and see if I’m wrong. It’s been known to happen.

LOL damn. Just when I thought I had found a potential solution.

That still leaves me in the dark. If one person opts out and our score goes down 3000 points, another opts out and it goes down 2000 points, I still don’t know how many of those points are based on their team powers vs. the win/loss adjustment. :persevere:

I knew this wasn’t going to be an easy question that would have a quick easy solution to it… was just hoping someone knew a “trick” or something to figure it out without keeping spreadsheet data on every war and every troop and hero in everyone’s roster.

@SADERSpanda I don’t think there’s much more to offer, but thought I’d tag you anyway for your insight.


Thanks Kaffy! I’m just trying to figure out exactly where my alliance currently is in the whole “win/loss” thing… because after losing our last war to an overpowered team by a significant margin, I was hoping for an easier fight this time… but this one looks like it could be even worse, because current opponent reset their alliance 2 weeks ago.

That tells me that a new fresh alliance that is higher power than mine, even after a few wins of their own, is still within range of being matched up against mine… so our old win/loss ratio must still be haunting us somehow, otherwise it would make zero sense at all for us to be matched against this team… it’s not like there aren’t lower leveled opponents with only 9 warring members, there are - we’ve fought them before. And beat them. So now we’re stuck with this :poop: in the meantime, until we “lose enough” to get an even match again… how many do we have to lose in order to restore balance to the force? Your guess is as good as mine. :man_shrugging:

I wouldn’t be too worried about a 50% win ratio. Or even a streak in either direction. Play them all to win I say, and tip yourself hat if you lose.

It looks like SGG is looking at individual war scores. That would address the war jumper issue, which you may have hit.

But I’d look at it this way. They are sacrificing so much from a titan loot perspective. Give them their war win and laugh as you fave 8*-10* titans (or whatever) and they face 4*. L

I never got why people do this. You sacrifice loot for an easier battle? Maybe I’m crazy, but that’s not my style.


I get it, and we always do play to win. Most of the teams we’ve beaten have had higher level players than us, we only won because they didn’t use all of their flags.

(why any alliance wouldn’t use all war flags? heck if I know, but apparently there are a lot of them out there who don’t for whatever reason)

Of course that explains why we keep getting stronger and stronger opponents. Because majority of our opponents are lazy. And that’s just annoying on so many levels. I love winning, especially against a higher level opponent. But knowing that the only reason we won is because some of them called in sick? And then as a result, our next opponent is going to be even stronger? That’s not cool. I’d rather fight a team that was equally matched with mine, who put in 100% effort like we do. Even though at that point the outcome would probably mostly be determined by RNG… at least it was a fair fight and both sides fought their hardest.

I would have great respect for any team at our own level who was able to beat us. I would personally congratulate them myself if I could. Like, “damn, good game!” But when our opponents overpower us so much that they can just lazily come in and one shot all of our teams, use 4/6 flags and log off and still win by 1000 points? That’s @#$%.

I know they’re sacrificing titan loot, but that doesn’t make me feel any better about the situation. They’ve decided to be a warring / not caring about titans alliance that resets themselves after every 5 wars. It’s very little consolation to me that they’ve sacrificed their own titan loot in order to screw me out of my war loot.

Same as I don’t understand why some people get mad when SG gives every player compensation for something, even if not everyone was personally affected… why would I get mad that someone else got free emblems for doing nothing? Flip side of that, why would I be happy knowing that someone else is denying themselves titan loot by alliance flipping? I just want a fair war where everybody tries. Win or lose.

Really hope they implement an individual war score system, that would probably solve this entire issue.

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I’ve been championing this for months. Would be great to see implemented.


In case you haven’t seen this.


Thank you! Didn’t realize a staff member had directly addressed this recently. Kinda thought it was one of the hundreds of requests on here that get swept under the rug.

I shall remain hopeful then that this situation will end up resolving itself in one of the (hopefully soon) future updates. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not asking for easy wins. Just a fair fight. I enjoy wars. But not when I have to use 3 flags to take down one team while they’re one shotting mine.


100% :+1:

And as a few others have pointed out, there’s a loophole to keep getting high titan kills too.

So the argument that they’re just hurting themselves in the long run is decidedly hollow when some of them are still getting decent titan loot too.

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The loophole of keeping 2 alliances open and jumping back and forth, you mean? Yep, I know that trick.

It’s just really annoying to me when my alliance is like…

“Okay, we’re behind right now, but if we can kill these last teams, we’ll get a reset and we’ll be ahead! So team A, I want you to tank bust that guy! Team B, follow up with a clean. Team C, use your red stack on that team, hopefully you’ll get a good board. Otherwise, team A or B can follow up with a cleanup. Team D, go for what’s remaining on that other one…”

several flags later

“Woohoo! Nice job team! Great reset! We’re now 300 points ahead!”

opponent’s highest level member logs on with 6 war flags, proceeds to one shot 6 of our teams in 5 minutes, scores 1000 points and logs off


“Ooookay… so now we’re 700 points behind… but… that’s okay… I guess… anyone have any flags left? I have one… anybody else? Nobody? Huh. Okay then. Well, um… good job team, great teamwork and uh… well, there’s always next time?”