War tactics

Looking for some tried and tested tactics for our alliance in wars.


Kill em all



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The search button could be very useful, you know… All you need to do is… to use it. And you may find useful threads on this forum. This is one of many…


Scarecrow…sarcasm is my most effective form of communication too. Merci


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Love scarecrow though, pretty soild source for game intel from what i can tell

Anyways tried and true tactics:

Picking a a tank color for whole alliance to use

Selecting farm teams at beginning of war

Setting reset times

Killing farm teams each time they respawn between the reset times

Help advise teammates on what targets are within their 1 shot range and how many cleanups they should do

1 flag per target per person outside of fresh spawns

Figuring out amount of 1 shots you have as an alliance and how many cleanup flags you typically need, then working those numbers into the war plan

Etc etc

All tidbits I’ve picked up from others

I’m no war guru, i just kill :poop: and follow my team’s lead


Thank you. My 1st time on the forum. Appreciate your patience🙃


Cheers…will pass this and more onto my leaders. Ty @Rigs :hugs:


Np if you need any other help, the forum is a good spot for it, just ignore the BS or you’ll never find what you’re lookin for

Some of this may help with stuff, may not, who knows:

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No, it isn’t. When a member posts for the first time, automatically a message pops up. The only reason this message didn’t appear, may be you posted today earlier in other thread. Just saying… No sarcasm, as it wasn’t in my first post. I actually gave you an useful link, didn’t I?

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No worries… We’re actually keeping such things in LINE team chat, for future references… Not everything is applicable to everyone, but it’s a good read, and you can adapt the parts that are working for you…
Having good strategist, preferably 2-3, due to the length of the war, to keep members calm is one of the things that you’d start working on…
Flags are the main problem in the war, what you want to do, is to maximize points from every single one… Or you can raid… But, the real war is about teamwork, not chasing points, not raiding… War == flags, wasted flags == defeat… That’s it…
Analyze the opponent, war add on, decide about defense and offense as a team, not individually playing… There aren’t guarantees, like nothing in this game, but this way you’re increasing your odds for the victory…


@scarecrow. Ty for the useful link🤯


I know that. It is visible at your account info. I just told you you posted earlier in other thread and it is not the first time here. This is also an info for you, that you can see the other members joining date.

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@Cyn24 Just be careful with the things in here, they’re coming from top alliances, and with all due respect, my best guess is that your isn’t there, yet, plus, it really depends how much time you have… Not all of us can play non-stop… I’ve been playing with folks from the top 10, they get tired, it’s very demanding… Your first goal is to make every member follow what strategist(s) is asking from them… Good strategy requires maybe 2-3 times login for about 10 minutes for 24 hours… Top ones are asking you to set up the alarms for critical times… It really depends on how competitive you’re and how much time you have…
Now we’re playing really casually, yes I’m the main strategist, only because I was lucky enough to meet great folks during the early days in the game… It’s not too demanding, requires active participation, but really not more than 20-30 minutes during the whole war… Strategist, well, it’s demanding for him/her… Therefore set at least 2, you don’t want that only one burn out…
We’re winning like 4-5 out of 6 wars now, from 1 out of 6 when I joined…
Try, fail, learn, ask, actually ask first :wink:
Make members enjoy it…
I’m always saying to my team; I prefer well-played defeat over badly played victory… There’s always another war, another Titan, quest, raid, blah, the idea is to learn and grow, and no repeating same mistakes, but to learn from them…
And now, 1/3 of the alliance can take over, that’s the point…
Have fun and good boards, see you on the battlefield :smile: