The high rollers of the game who stay true to form in the high rollers lane of class leveling… might soon find the battle field covered with EPICS who match them toe to toe! Legendary ONLY focus could bring an abrupt foundation shaking to these fine players! In 1/2 the time for 1/2 the cost one can raise their favorite EPICS to ‘days of old’ LEGENDARY status… and that days of old is only pre-v17. Not too old is it?

Who among us are truly thinking things through? To Class or not to Class? NO! That is definitely not the question…

The question is how long will this EPIC oddity backwardness last?


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I’ve noticed that my war defense is targeted less with a Rigard at 4.70+7 on the flank (lvl16 crit troop) surrounded by fast snipers. He replaced Panther on the defense.


No problem at all, since everybody could emblem epics.

Very pleased to see a chance for f2p and c2p players scratching eyelevel to 30+ maxed leg rosters with their epics.

I also plan to spend my emblems on my epics to make them legendarish.


I too have saved my emblems for epics. I was doing some number crunching and while I haven’t yet I will probably put it up when it’s better organized, but by using emblems on epics I actually saw in the data that u get more bang for ur proverbial buck than on legendary heros. The overall increase in the heros strengths is roughly 6-8% higher in the epic class than legendary. Therefore u can reach higher hero levels and strait up house a legendary with less hero levels or none. Interesting point that was raised here


Using mine to increase my base defense. Focusing on the lengendaries. The increased percent talent on epics is nice given the same tokens but end game will still be legendaries.

I am not the elite but will still focus on legendary and a select few epics

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I am still hoarding my emblems. Only used them in my QoH. I believe the class system is too recent in the meta and people are way excited to boost any hero for a better chance at top 100 or what i call ‘the fallacy of defense cups’.
i’m gonna wait to see where the emblems will lead before using them.
Counting on you @Razor and you data collection

@Razor’s thread has a little different focus, but it overlaps with a discussion I kicked off here:


I’m basically getting all 5s I currently have to Lvl 1.

With regards to 4s, I lvl the talents on ones I use most often like Rigard for eg.

When I get my D Blades & max the rest of my 5s I’ll relook at what 4s have been talented; and reset if need be.

Sorcerer is a hard one as Sabina is all I have.

What’s the point of this post?

@Kint - it’s a general discussion topic - the idea was to get people involved in a discussion regarding (my hopes) to their ideas and opinions around Epics being fully class Leveled would (by logic) become potentially more powerful for a period of time than the Legends… especially those that are not leveled at all (yet continue to be used on 5 star teams).

@EVA01 seems to already be investigating on their own before topic was raised as I’m sure many including myself. @Kikyo has noticed war defense targeted less by replacing Panther with 7th classed Rigard (he definitely holds his ground well at tat level - completely different hero - I’ve run into him just like that). @Adirtyempire sees the benefit - however knows the END GAME results (true) - I realize that as well, just not so sure it will be exactly as we imagine… Then there are the @Kor1sco’s that are waiting to pull the trigger… @MrsBCW just has her plan and shows little if any concern here because she is doing both at the same time… not many more diligent than her with emblems that I’ve come across… shes covering all bases and already foresees doing EPIC resets in the end!

@Kint - it’s curiosity - how long will this AGE of CLASSED EIPCS! exist… where the Epics basically in many scenarios blend into the Legendary world. As most are aware the EPICS have several Heroes whose card Stats on ATTACK, DEFENSE even HEALTH (not as often this) is HIGHER than enough of the Legends that such increases in the front 2 could have very drastic effects… in this oddWorld… and yes they could turn out to be subtle as well.


Using class tokens on your 5* defense team is a no brainer. Really it’s the other 5 that are debatable.


The current 4* will probably get to enjoy another year or less depending on the ease of obtaining emblems.

Once the 5* heroes get maxed emblems it will be the same as the previous era before emblems.


On the flip side of all of this it will be interesting to see how a fully talented 4* would compare to a low-levelled 5*.

The drop-rates aren’t significant enough for some players to even consider talenting a 5.

@Razor @Kerridoc @Garanwyn any thoughts?

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@Kerridoc makes a fantastic point in that linked topic. It’s what I gleaned over to quickly and it’s “bang for ur buck”. Almost 3 times as many emblems needed to max a legendary vs an epic. Also compliments to the way it was broken down with actual hero references for examples on what characteristics to focus on. Very well dun. :+1:


I would ask this. @Razor makes a reference to the “old days”. What were some of the major differences with how the heros were set up? Just curious. I’ve only been at this for just about 7 months or so.

In “the old days” most people were working with the core Classic heroes plus, maybe, a few HotM. There were no 5* with:

  • elemental debuff
  • elemental shields
  • no “strong against” elemental attacks
  • mass dispel (Domitia dispelled target only, after hitting)
  • AoE except on Slow mana
  • team minions

We also hadn’t figured out how extreme stacking could work. The typical raid offense was a modified rainbow, with a doubled color strong against the tank, omitting the weak color against the tank. (Of course, part of the ideal power stack includes the elemental debuff hero, e.g. Evelyn+Zeline+Lianna, but we didn’t have such heroes).

In this meta, slow tanks were much more viable. Ares was an unexpectedly good tank—when he was released there was a lot of hate on him—because he was Average (fast for a contemporary tank) and no 5* could dispell those powerful buffs.

Panther started a shift, with her dispel and elemental debuff, but she was incredibly rare at first and couldn’t drive the meta. Zeline brought mass disepll and fast AoE—the first of its kind, and in one fell swoop gutted a lot of the value of Alberich and Ares. Natalya was designed, we think, as an Alberich killer—and indeed is still very good at that. The Gravemaker arrived, and the meta took a hard turn towards Fast and Faster.


You have summarized a couple of years in a few lines, love the “story mode” :grin: :clap: :clap: :clap:
I came here when GM was the HOTM so didn’t know much about older tanks.


@Razor, well said. Perfectly put, thank you!


A 4* hero with full talents is indeed as strong as a 5*, while the emblem cost is much lower on them. But still if you had spent those emblems on the 5* its simply stronger anyways.


The question is a bit complex, because of the dramatic difference in effectiveness between different specials. But looking purely at stats:

Average 4* attack: 654
Average 4* defense: 627
Average 4* health: 1114

Average 5* attack: 716 (+62 pts, 9.5%)
Average 5* defense: 710 (+83 pts, 13.2%)
Average 5* health: 1357 (+243 pts, 21.8%)

You can generally get two of the following as upgrades from emblems:

  • 5 levels of attack (+75 pts, 11.5%)
  • 5 levels of defense (+90 pts, 14.4%)
  • 5 levels of health (+180 pts, 16.2%)

And then an additional 3% in two class stats, so say:
+20 attack
+19 defense
+33 health

As you can see, a high-emblem 4* can match (or exceed a bit) the average 5* in two of the three stat categories. Plus you get an additional power, which is somewhere between useless (Jinx for Kiril, Wound for Gormek) and amazing (Pierce for Tiburtus, Revive for Boldtusk).

At this point, special strength and synergy totally dominate the question of “who is better.”


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