5* Sorcerer - who you gonna give them emblems to?

Mitsuko’s mana reduction pairs well with the Delay talent since both of them can work on the same enemy simultaneously, creating a double hit to enemy mana. It’s the same reason I liked the Chao - Little John combo when I was raising my 4* teams.

That’s different from Natalya, who would overwrite an existing Delay rather than stacking with it.


Thoth-Amun has the benefit that each minion hit has the chance of procing Delay. No other sorcerer has minions, and so no other sorcerer has as high chance at casting lots of Delays.

That said, i’m Still planning on using my emblems on Mitsuko for the reasons @Kamikaze_Assassin discussed.


Ive gone with Sabina, going the attack route and defence. Its taken forever to get my four 5s let alone waiting to get a 5 sorcerer


I love that all the 5* players are single-focused on feeding emblems to their 5*.

I can level up my 4* heroes 3X faster. Enjoy having an inventory of 5.33* while my inventory has jumped a whole level from 4* to essentially 5*. I really appreciate you helping me to narrow the power gap.

Sabina will be getting my emblems. Then I would give more emblems to a 2nd Sabina. Then probably to a 3rd Sabina.

Only after completing at least three 4* to max, would I even begin to contemplate whether or not a 5* was worthy of emblems.


Sabina is the only correct answer :slight_smile:

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I’m mixing and matching.

5* getting emblems:

  • Cleric Vivica
  • Ranger Evelyn
  • Sorcerer Thoth-Amun

4* getting emblems:

  • Wizard Proteus
  • Monk Wilbur
  • Fighter Boldtusk
  • Barbarian Grimm
  • Rogue Scarlett
  • Druid Melendor

The only place I’m undecided is Paladin. I’d love to give them to 5* Frida if I get her. If I don’t, 4* Falcon is a likely option.


Wait is no way, specially F2P … aka 0.00000001% to get event/old hotm to give the emblems, and there are the trials, wait means no finishing trials and no more emblems.
I gave Sabina the emblems needed some thing to play with, any way its not great class to me.


Where is your 4☆ Sorcers !

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It felt like a lower priority class for 4* for me.

I don’t use Sabina anywhere near as much as Proteus, Wilbur, Boldtusk, Grimm, Melendor, or Scarlett.

By contrast, Thoth-Amun will go on my Defense, and be of likely frequent use for raiding in purple stacks that Sabina already never comes along for. (I prefer Proteus, Rigard, and Tiburtus currently.)


Great choices.
20 ftw


So two years from now you’re gonna have 3 Sabinas who aren’t quite as garbage as she is in vanilla form, and are gonna be working on your first 5*, and you’re lording that over people for some reason? Have fun.

If you use Nat often now, then I don’t think you’ll come close to regretting boosting her with emblems. She won’t get the Delay benefit but if you channel through attack stat as much as you can, her fast burn damage is gonna be huge.

I’m also mixing and matching 4/5*, for Sorcerer I have already begun Morgan because I feel she gets more out of them than Mitsuko for similar reasons as I mentioned about Natalya; boost her attack and she’ll be both draining and self-healing a huge amount. Mits is an incredible hero but I don’t think she needs the emblems much.


Quintus was pretty much my only choice among 5*, but even if i had others i probably go for him the same.

He is the only one provide a huge amount of direct damage, and just for that i’m positive to pick him.

Then there’s other colors reasons, but that’s specific for my deck.


I like this option.

But lately I am being swayed by the “share the emblems” strategy.

As Kerridoc has said, there are some natural break points.

X*+1 for strong talents or talents that match special skills.

Attack X*+2 for color stacking heroes.

X*+15 for 5/5 talents

X*+19 for non Paladins

X*+20 for good Paladin heroes like 3*+20 Tyrum and 4*+20 Guardian Falcon.

None of these heroes can do Sorcerer class quests. Which gets more sorcerer emblems.

Except for self heal / minions / random boy there are no other Sorcerer healers. And 42% Heal is powerful.

Delay is especially useful against reflect damage, and other defense buffs, so it goes well with Fog of the fallen ( looking at you rare tiger titan ).

I will probably take Sabina to at least Attack+HP 4*+15 for color stacking and Delay 5/5.

But yeah, there are a lot of good 4* purple heroes to level for challenge events, class quests and rumored challenge raids.


Click for proc rate discussion

I think so too. My only Sorcerers are Sabina and (unmaxed) Quintus.
Sabina is getting the emblems first. If I max Quintus before I get a better hero he will recieve the emblems or I’ll give them to a 3* for challenge events.
Resetting is always an option, though I’d like to save up a few reset emblems before doing so.


I’ve decided to max a Natalya for my emblems.


That is one place I use Sabina, at least, and will for the foreseeable future. But that’s once every 5 weeks.

Good place for her too. But that’s like roughly once every couple of months, right?

It’s not that I won’t eventually give Sabina emblems, it’s just that I don’t see a reason to prioritize her for them first.

And that works out nicely for the mixing and matching approach, since I have several other 4* that absolutely are the priority for emblems in their classes.

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agreed–for me Mitsuko all day long, in part because she fills my red rainbow spot, but mostly because she is my favorite and funnest hero to play.


It is also good against many centers that have buffs - defense or attack - like Kashhrek, Boldtusk, Guinevere, Vivica, etc.

One of the reasons Fighter Delilah 5*+1 can be annoying as center is minions and immediate healing are not dispellable.

Druid Melendor 4*+19, and Sorcerer Sabina 4*+19 do not have a 5* equivalent. But with Tarlak and Ariel ( together they fight crime) the Devs seem to be slowly replacing my favorite 4* heroes with slightly better 5* versions.


I gave mine to Mitsuko, though I completely understand the inclination to give them to Sabina. Mitsuko is my only leveled 5* Sorcerer, and she is my tank on defense, so it seemed the best place to spend them.


I really like @zephyr1’s way of thinking about this question. For me, having another 5* equivalent isn’t very compelling. I’ve got plenty of those. If i were to give emblems to a 4* is would be because they bring a strong special skill that, with a stronger statline, would add valued dimension to my bench. Rather than derail this discussion, i will develop my thinking more and start a separate thread.


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