A question about emblems and Delilah

Would it be okay to ask a question to the people who are much better at maths, and much wiser about the game mechanic’s than i am?

I have Delilah up to level 19 on the emblem tree now .
I have level 23 mana troops under her.

What difference will that combination make to her mana charge/ number of tiles it takes to charge her?

Since she is fighter class, there is little point to taking her to level 20, i think.

If anyone knows how many tiles it should take to charge her with level 19 emblems and level 23 mana troops, i would appreciate that knowledge.

Many thanks in advance.

You get 15% there. 13% for the lvl 23 mana troops and 2% for lvl19 fighter emblems. So you’re covered for the 12% needed just to get to 9 tiles from the mana troops. But you’re a long way off from the 25% needed to get to 8 tiles since you only have 15% total.

Thanks Quattro,
I appreciate you taking the time to work that out for me.
Is it still worth leveling the mana troops to level 29then?
Or will the 25% reduction figure always be out of reach?

It looks to be out of reach to me. Double check if you’d like

You may need a support hero like Ariel to generate enough mana to get 25%


Imma just going to quote myself from another thread:

A useful tool for helping to calculate Mana Boosts:


Thanks Guv, way better answer

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Thanks Guvnor,
I appreciate your information.
Nice one.

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