Emblem question

I got Lianna on emblem level 7 and the next choice is 2% mana or more defense. If I take the mana emblem and have a level 17 troop (the mana one) can I come down to 6 stones/bricks to fill her mana bar full? I guess 2% is nothing, but wonder if someone knows the answear to this (so it acts like very fast heroes).

Thanks for the help and have a good day all!

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No that won’t do it, you need 25% mana bonus to take her down to 6 tiles unfortunately . I’d probably take defense


FYI, a very fast mana hero needs 6.5 tiles to fill.

The first relevant breakpoint for Lianna is 15%, which will take her to 7 tiles. You could get that with a level 23 mana troop and the 2% node you’re at right now, or a level 29 mana troop.

To get to 6 tiles you’ll need a 34% boost. The path to that is difficult to see, even if you take this mana node and max your mana troop you’d still need a buff from someone else (e.g., Ariel), in which case you probably don’t need the mana node.

Ultimately, I think I’d make the decision based on how far you plan to take that mana troop and how quickly you think you can get it to the relevant point.


Tank you for the information! Helped me alot!

Thanks. I had the same question for Evelyn. Saved me a lot of trouble.


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