Ariel/Cleric emblems question

Question with regards to Ariels emblems. I have her at level 18. Do I bother with level 19 or move on to someone else. Level,19 is chance at critical strike (that’s a pass) or 2%mana increase. Does the 2% make a difference?

Those emblems 125 emblems could go to Kunchin (is he good enough no emblems) or Hansel…


I’d leave her at 18.

I’d leave her at 18 too. There are a lot of very deserving 4 star clerics that can use those.

Wait a second. She is average speed, so 2% mana, while it doesn’t sound much, can make a huge difference

If you have a 4* mana troop, and that mana troop is between levels 17 and 23, then the 2% takes her charge from just above nine tiles to just below, for her initial fire. Clearly her +24% after that makes it a little less relevant, but 3 x 3 tile matches is a common thing to get before you’re dead, and she is so powerful with cleanse heal and mana it could make a massive difference

So if your mana troop won’t be to 23 for a while (assuming you have one) this could be a good investment


Agree with @Infinite
9 tiles is significant, because 3x3match. So for avarage heroes, need either:
(Troop lvl 23) or (Troop lvl 17+class).
So if we already have Troop lvl 23, this class node does not have impact significant.


Take to +19 mana buff unless you have lvl29 troops.

Also consider emblems on Rigards especially if you have his costume. At average speed and mana boost from costume, finding him much more effective than saf kunchen.

My troops are 4 star level 21 so not too far off the 23 bump…

I usually stack Finley and maybe another blue with Ariel.

Found it’s better to give her the lvl29 mana troops and give my secondary troops to Finley. This is based on over 100s of raids and war hits so I’m a believer in getting Ariel to fire asap will give me the best odds of winning. Once her mana buff kicks in, it just jump starts all your other heroes.

Can’t wait for her to get to +19, hopefully by then my second troop will be lvl23.

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