Any of u choosing mana bonus on emblems tree?

Any of u choosing mana bonus on emblems tree?

If yes, on what hero?

Yes. For now on 2x Jackal, so I can use a mana troop level 5 to shave one tile when charging him. I all depends on your mana troop levels, basically. IMO, it’s most useful for very fast and average mana (and very slow, if you have any) heroes, for whom shaving a tile off can be crucial since it brings the number of tiles needed for full mana to a multiple of 3.


Pretty much all average speed heroes for me. Lv 23 troops are light years in the future for me, but I have a level 17 in all colors but blue. You’d be shocked how well even the 4* healers perform at 9 tiles. Hell, even Red Hood is pretty good at 9 tiles, though I’d have to strip Sesh to get to talent 7


Is there any thread on mana boosts / troop levels?

Ive been wondering the same question you just asked, has anyone done the math on this? Not sure when it’s actually worth it to go that route!

Something like this?

Edit: link edited, wanted to have a specific answer from this thread.


Thanks! Do I read this right that only after Troop level 23 (w/o bonus) and 5-11 (w/ bonus) make the required tile levls go down? That’s harsh, I’m sooo far away from that lol

Edit : nope, I understand this now :slight_smile: cheers

Mana bonus

I am only doing X*+18 for heroes because X*+19 and X*+20 cost so many emblems and so much iron.

But for classes with mana bonus before X*+18 ( Rogue 4*+18, Ranger 4*+18, etc. ) I always select mana bonus.

Costumes, some families, some HotM, all show Devs are constantly adding ways to bump heroes -1 tile for special skill use.

Mana troops

Since mana troops took years for me to get, most of my troops are crit ( hopefully Devs add way to produce troops besides loot drops ).

So mana troops no help for me.

On all average and slow heroes absolutely yes, fast it depends on the hero and what’s on the other side of the tree if it’s more beneficial for them or not, very fast heroes no.

From the 4* i went with the following as use them with others from the same colour in stacks and the mana nodes + proper troop level are making huge difference.

One of my Jackals got the node at +8 so can use only level 5 tropp and with the troops you see both charge in 6 ( swapped vs the image ). Can up another to level 5 and will free up the level 11 troop for Joon in 3 stack and can activate a node 8 mana for the 2nd Jackal as well.

Melendor was a game changer - with node 20 and level 13 troop he charges now at 9 tile and goes perfectly with my green fast snipers in a stack - big difference.

Moved Sabina emblems to Mitsuko, if not think is worth node 20 as well + relevant mana troop goes to 9 tiles healer and debuffer in purple stack.

With 5* is much more difficult and not a lot of options on my opinion - maybe Inari + level 17 troops or Khiona in rogue is worth the mana node

Yes and no. I selected the option for Marjana (at Level 8) and Wilbur (at Level 20), but skipped it for Tiburtus.

Rather than answer the question let me address what I think is the spirit of it:

I would only take the mana bonus if, by combining it with a mana troop that I already have, it shaves off a tile (or if I’ll have the necessary level of mana troop imminently). Short of this, I doubt someone could make a sufficiently compelling argument, at least to change my mind.

Even if you can see you’ll be able to combine a certain talent with a certain level mana troop in the medium distance future (like say you have a level 17 troop and need to push it to 23), it’s hard to anticipate what could change in the meantime. For example, maybe you gain a better hero in that element that claims the troop. Or maybe your emblem plan changes. Or the original hero gets removed from your defense configuration. Or that hero now always attacks in a stack with a hero that has the mana element link, rendering the mana talent redundant some of the time…

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