Quick Mana troop question, check

I searched and found the Mana chart for each troop level but want to double check something.
I know to get from avg at 10 tiles to 9 you need 11.11% so the 11 doesn’t work due to the repeating fraction. So you essentially need 12.
Melendor at +20 gets a 4% boost from emblems so he needs 8 more. This means a l11 troop which gives 9% since the lower tier is only 7% and you fall short by that decimal part of 11.11.
So for ones like Domitia, rigard, Leonidas, etc that are avg and get only a 2% boost from emblems you need the 11% boost from troops and the 2 from emblems to cover the 11.11%. This is a l17 troop correct? I am pretty sure that’s right but just checking.
I thought I saw a chart before that had r emblem plus troop needed to improve but only found the regular chart.
A l17 would reduce them(if I’m right) to 9 tiles which is often how I get fast heroes charged too so they’re all charged at once.

Plus Domitia at near fast makes her as good as Perseus who was hotm and same w Leonidas vs musashi if you bump him w a l17 as well. Similar stats, skills and leo works on defense vs musashi really only on offense. I know it’s not exact but makes those heroes better and for c2p,f2p we need that bit.

Thanks for anyone who can confirm the l17 troop needed above as I said I’m pretty sure that’s correct. I also know heroes like Buchan, khagan, etc can give more boost if skill is active but that’s not constant like troops or emblems .

Thanks again …

Is this what you’re looking for?


Yes that is exactly what I wanted.

20 gold stars :star:

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Awesome, ty for digging up that chart.

I’ll point out that this was pre-costumes, so classic heroes w/ maxed costumes get an additional 5% mana bonus, reducing the needed mana troops level, or forgoing the need for the mana talent (esp those at node 20)

Good call, thank you for mentioning that

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Thank you, I hadn’t even thought of that since domitia doesn’t have a costume yet. I am a fan of her and Leo despite having joon so I cant wait to see their costumes. And I’ve had Domitia max for while but only just got Leo from tc20. Still waiting on sartana though.

5% is nice though. That plus 2 from emblem is 7 which means you only need the mana troop at 5 to get over 11.11. And that’s troop l1 if I’m correct on everything . though there near l17 salready and by time I get a legendary costume it’ll be way past that. Nice to dream though… Lol

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