6th red 5 star? Who to ascend

Hey guys, here is my top mono red team. My secondary red team is all 4 stars. Who do you guys like as my first 5 star for on my 2nd team. Alot of times i go with BT instead of marjana…thanks!

4 star team…

IMPRESSIVE team! I’m leaving toward JF only because you have heavy hitters. His burn and blocking defense down is super valuable. Only downside is he doesn’t pair well with GM.

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Yeah was leaning jf. Azlar costume is enticing. Baldur is a little better now. Elena good but slow. Prob none would make top team though

Azlar is the best with costume. Can hit 800 dmg to 3 plus burn. Its between him and jean

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In my honest opinion, given your roster, I would focus on Jean-Francois first.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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I own JF and i find him useful in the following scenarios:

On defense flanking.
On offense vs Kunchen
On offense vs an ice hitter(Vela or even Magni). The ice def up is so good.
His elemental link is very good when stacking red .
However he doesnt hit hard. His burn is nothing special and with only 2 turns it hardly becomes a powerful offensive tool.

Saying that, and while i find him useful in those situations, i think hes not what you need right now.
You have far better reds than me and you can throw costume azlar or costume elena into your 4☆ team and use their powerful AOE with Wilbur and Falcon.
It would be devasting. So you can finally swich that squishy colen.

So my advise is that costume Azlar should get the rings. C.Elena is good too but the difference with c.azlar i think are 40 attack points or so and c.azlar seems overall more solid than her.


Thanks all. Really appreciate the feedback. Still debating. But ive pushed baldur out for now and between jf and CAz.

Thanks! Yes colen dies so fast. I was so used to him with maxed emblems. But ya he will be replaced first

If you are specifically ascending another hero to improve your 2nd red war team, then go with an AOE hero or a hero that doesn’t do direct dmg b/c you have Wilbur. That means either Elena, Azlar, or JF (Baldur and Natalya are always low priority anyways).

Azlar and Elena would be good options b/c you have the costume so you will get a high attack stat hero who’s also good on titans. However, JF is fast and he will objectively fire more often than Azlar/Elena.

Let me say, your 2nd red war team currently is very “boom or bust” b/c it’s mono and lacks speed. If you get a good board and can match 12 red tiles within the first 4-5 movies, it’s probably an easy win. But if you don’t then its probably a hard loss. I don’t think your team is that tile dmg dependent b/c you’re running mono so you don’t necessarily need a high tile dmg hero. Facing green tanks, you can probably kill the tank in 4 red tiles regardless.

Elena’s riposte also doesn’t work that well with Wilbur’s defense up. Between Azlar and JF, it really depends on which you need more in other aspects of the game. I think both options would be good for the 2ndary red war team. Azlar would obviously be better in Rush attack and potentially titans if you need tile dmg. JF would be better on buff booster. Also JF would be better if you have other synergies such as Killhare, Lepus, etc.

Overall, I lean towards JF, although I think C.Azlar wouldn’t be a bad choice. If you choose C.Azlar, it will be quick to get him maxed since you can just ascend the base Azlar to 4/1 and then max the costume quickly to 4/80.

edit: another aspect to consider is class and emblems. Idk if you have wizard emblems on anyone but Azlar also takes barbarian emblems. Even if you have +18 on GM, I would probably emblem BK before Azlar. Therefore, JF could be a better choice regarding emblems as well.


@B1gHeadAss thanks for your thoughts. Much appreciated. It is total boom or bust. Its just what i got and my best results come from mono. So ive turned 100% mono. I throw in 3-70 jf a good amount of time. I think at this point his speed is more important for me even though azlar is sweet!
And yeah bk gets emblems next. And i still have an emblem or 2 more for costume sartana and then alfrike and zeline are in line. But jfs speed is tilting the scales.

Excellent roster btw.

I personally use a similar 2nd red war team (Rigard+CB, Wilbur, Colen, Sir Lancelot, Sumle) so I know all about the boom or bust woes. The team either scores me a single digit score in war or a 50. I try to use the team more for clean-ups but that defeats the purpose of having a red team since usually the green tank is gone already in clean-ups.

Haha ya you know! I spent quite a bit of money from dec to june. So got alot of good heroes. Now i spend about 10% of what i used to. Not as fun haha. But love the game for the most part.

I’m in dire need of red 5*s. I only have GM+14, Azlar (3/70) and Elena (3/70). Have 10 rings saved up and hoping for Gefjon or Vanda :pray:

Yeah i wont be ascending one till november. Just prepping in case i dont get gefjon or vanda. Waiting for friggy too

Thats frustrating tho. Prob why i started to spend

I’d go for C. Azlar all the way and I have JF. I’ve always like Azlar but his costume is so worth it. Hits hard and his 2 turn burn damage is higher that his vanilla over 6.

The problem with JF is if he gets hit by Malosi, he literally does nothing, Azlar will at least do damage. I use C. Azlar a lot and only use JF when the opposing team has 2 or more general defense down heroes and a hard hitting line up. Otherwise, I just use Malosi.

I’m not saying JF isn’t eventually worth leveling, I just find C. Azlar as more useful.


I have c Azlar and absolutely love him. He’s even better with Emblems. Look at those stats. And once I hit the Mana Emblem node at 19 he will fire in 10 Tiles with a Level 23 Red mana Troop. Undispellable DoT reaches 575ish over 2 Turms with the mana Troop. Just devastating.

I use him on defense and once he gets that mana boost to Average speed he will be even better. Just my .02. Good Luck!

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I love bringing Malosi against JF and watching him shoot blanks. If you have Barbarian Embs then it’s a no brainer. CAzlar is the guy. Even if you don’t I think he’s better than JF because of the Direct Damage with Undispellable DoT. High Attack on Titans for Tile Damage. Etc. if you have a high Red Mana Troop that’s another reason to ascend Azlar. The Costume bonus plus a level 29 mana Troop makes him Average speed. Or level 23 Mana troop with mana Node 19 on emblem track will do the trick.

Good Gaming!

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Thank you all. Have given me alot to think about.


Big time upgrades so far. Ended up getting garnet and doing her first. Pretty sure will do 2 gefs then vanda.


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