Telluria/Vela nerfed! Ok, where do we go from here? Part 1 (Tanks)

I never said, I need her or offense.
I said I ascended her, for the use on offense.
If they released Telluria like she now is, I would have never ascended her as I then in first place would have preferred to ascend and emblem Heimdall.
Telluria then would be still on 1/1 or maybe 3/70 if I had nothing else to level…

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The only distinction I can ascertain between “need for offense”
And “ascended for use on offense”

Is that you will be angry no matter what anyone says.

I’m sorry your offensive weapon has been traded in for Heimdall… Hope you find enjoyment elsewhere…

I guess I will be angry, no matter what you say, as you keep being insulting, no matter what I say…

By the way, in my native language there is a big difference between something which I need for a job and something which I use for a job.
If you can’t understand that and don’t see any difference there, then maybe there are better English words available, but I don’t know them, in that case…

@Darkness11 Alfrike surrounded by a Sif (mana speed up) and LOTL (healer/meatshield) could make for an interesting middle. Sif speeds up Alfrike mana speed and LOTL keeps her alive until she can fire.

I would agree. I have sif which I am currently leveling as I have way too many darts…but no LOTL.

No idea if I would actually remove, but I am considering as I use alfrike more than Guin.

@Mallix 6th red 5 star? Who to ascend

To be honest, that is why I was not bothered by not pulling any of the ninjas during the Ninja Tower event. I have so many heros I’m currently working on, I don’t have the materials to work on any of the ninjas now even if I had them. There’s plenty of time for me to pull one or all of them eventually. :wink:

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Yeah you will get them. 2 weeks ago my line for rings was a bit thin, now its loaded up. :thinking:

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So much for Vanda on defense!

Hahaha! :wink:

Frigg is a beast! This time she was at the flank position. I took out 3 of 5, but not Frigg!

Singlehanded, she took out my whole team! 2 hits and I was done! I “really” like her!

@JAWS1 I have switched to this team. This seems to hold cups better. I had Ariel in for frigg, but that dropped me to mid 2500s or lower. I am really liking this for now.

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Alfrike tanks better than Frigg?

I know if she goes off the match is pretty much set, but she’s very slow and that gives the attacker plenty of time to work around her. (Malosi is very fast no less)

I was wondering about Alfrike as tank. Some others have tried it as well with some success. Frigg seems to work well as either tank or flank, so she should work well as flank and protect Alfrike at tank. Costume Joon is an absolute beast and protects against a Yellow stack against your tank. This is a A/A+ defense with the exception of Alfrike. If she is protected, you’ll win every time. If she goes down early, the battle is 50/50. Nice setup!

I have a long ways to go with my troops! Mine are only at 22/23 level. Will take some time to get to level 30.

@rho @JAWS1. You are correct. She does well as long as the a stack of yellow does not get a good board. However, if the board is average or bad or the attacking team did not bring yellow, more than likely this teams will win. I think with this team they may beat alfrike, but than get hurt by Joon and frigg. I am winning at a higher percentage than Ursena tank with this in 2 days. I did it do to very fast war and tournaments and I saw too many from top 10 alliances with alfrike. I also don’t want to tank Telly on raids since she is my war defense. Also gives others a non Telly team

Frigg at plus 11 is not tanky enough to be tank. I tried her and lost even more cups.

Ursena Telly alfrike is another trio that does well. My very fast tournament team is alby Ursena Telly alfrike than usually Joon. That team wins almost all matches.

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Not surprised, Ursena while still great on offense has lost a lot of her luster on defense. This isn’t 2018 anymore and there are some very good yellow counters to her (Malosi, Mist). She was my war tank when my previous alliance ran purple tanks and my team got one shot 85% of the time it was ridiculous.

Yes I’ve seen double purples flanks (one being Ursena) behind Telly. I think this works well as long as you have high enough troops, because Ursena takes too long to fire otherwise. Once I get my mana troop up to lv 23 (or get Ursena to +20, which might actually be faster and cheaper), I’m gonna try running Joon-Ursena-Telly-Jabberwock-Marjana just for kicks. Right now I’m running double red flanks (GM, Marjana) just for the lulz.


That sounds like a great team. I don’t have jabber. I focused a long time ago on troops so I have 5 sets of mana per color. Maxed, 11, 11, 5,5. If I could build up some more to 23 it would be great. But it uses so many troops and ham

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I just pulled Mitsuko from Atlantis, I think a Grave-cRichard-Mits center might be in my future! :smiley: Stacking blue now becomes a huge risk because if Mits goes off you’re screwed, but stacking green you just might get burned down by Grave.

Anyways I’m at least a few weeks out from maxing her, but she looks like a fun hero to use on both offense and defense!



Excellent @rho! I pulled Mitsubishi back in September during the Atlantis event. I have her on my leveling project list as well. I’ll test her out once I have Frigg leveled to see how she does. Right now, the plan is GM will be on the flank, but testing will tell which is better in my case.


Just dumped Tellu for BK (former flank) as Tank and Frigg as flank. It’s a 66% win rate in watchtower defence with this team:


This is a frightening team! Frigg and Killhare have been absolute beasts in all my raids. I have typically only won against this setup if I get good boards. Nice setup!

Also, cKadilen is showing to be a very good tank. I have a losing record against cKadilen tanks thus far. Definitely, worthy of being leveled and emblemed.


Since stripping Telly, I ran cRichard as tank for a while, aaaaaaand it’s been kinda disappointing. I’m getting attacked a lot more, and win rate is a bit under 50%. Played around with flanks/colors and it doesn’t seem to change anything appreciably. My guess is most people just mono green my defense and worry about flanks/wings later.

I know I’ve bashed Ursena several times already, but I decided to give her another shake yesterday now that I have a Lianna+CB+11 and so can run a rainbow team. She is holding up surprisingly well so far, winning all raids and revenges (but it’s only been a day so too early for conclusions) Current defense is Joon+8, GM+13, Ursena+18, Lianna+CB+11, Lepus+16. Green/red flanks for two reasons: Gravy is v fast, but Lianna+CB charges in 7 tiles with a lv 17 mana troop, so between fast and v fast (faster?? :sweat_smile:), which really puts pressure on the attackers. Also encourages a red stack, which has the least amount of hard hitters and no dispeller.

Maxed out Alfrike recently and have her at 6 talents. Maybe when I get her to +9 I’ll try tanking her just for lulz. She’s much tankier and if she goes off you’ve lost the match basically, but she doesn’t punish a yellow stack the way Ursena does (Ursena at least makes you think twice about stacking yellow), and her very slow speed gives plenty of time for attackers to maneuver around her. We’ll see…

Also can confirm cKadilen is a royal pain in the ■■■, I’ve definitely lost to a few due to severely underestimating how annoying that dodge is.

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