6th red 5 star? Who to ascend

Nice @Mallix! I didn’t get Gefjon or Garnet, but I did get Vanda. I added her to my Red leveling project list. :wink:

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Ya vanda seems legit. If i didnt get garnet it wld have been her. Thankfully i didnt ascend azlar or jf before i got garnet

@JAWS1 im thinking of putting garnet next to frigg the tank. Im debating if i want to put all emblems on her. Go with gm and garnet behind frigg. Or may get crazy and have garnet and mica flanking frigg. Not sure of anything yet. Still need a few tonics for frigg

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@Mallix Makes sense. In the raids where I have run into one or both, they have been a complete PITA! The only thing is whether the AI will let them fire in 1x, 2x or 3x. 2x or 3x is devastating! It seems worth a try. I think I would try one at first, Garnet would make sense. See how you hold up cups especially against the 2600+ cup folks. If your cups hold or increase, then add Mica. If the AI sets both to 3x, you will probably lose that battle. But if one or both fire in 1x or 2x, your Frigg tank should (could) hold out.

In the meantime, use your Freya+20 in place of Mica. I believe you had Freya. I have been looking at so many lineups, I lose track. :wink:

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Haha all good. No freya unfortunately. Freya, skadi and loki elude me from valhalla.

Im thinking finley-gm-frigg-garnet-Csartana

Vela just doesnt do it for me. Even though she is +20.:disappointed:

Will probably try mitsuko at fast speed for a little bit as im just about to get to troop level 23 before i decide on garnet getting emblems.

And may decide to pull tellurias emblems for mica once i know i can roll with frigg.

This has been holding up pretty well today…

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Excellent @Mallix! I’m working on my Finley now as well. I have him at +16 on its way to +20. I have Mitsuko as well, but she is in a long line of Reds waiting Rings! I was think Finley-Frigg-GM with Joon and Seshat on the wings. This would be the attack-only with no healer. Otherwise, I’ll stick Finley on the wing and go with a Purple healer at flank (Kunchen or cRigard). Just some initial thoughts. Things will probably change once I get playing around with different heros. WR is also a possibility on the wing in place of Joon. The hit-3 is nice over the hit-1.

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@JAWS1 Niiiice! Thanks for letting me talk it out. It helps. And yes i agree with WR. I have him at +11 but stopped embleming as im trying to figure out if i want to emblem ariel for next to frigg. But i test swapping joon and wr. Mixed results. Thanks again!

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