Who's to ascend next, red 5*

Hi all,

Another who’s to ascend topic, but I dont see any clear choice atm, so maybe you can help. See below my red roster.

So, my main issue is all these 5* are good but niche. Mistuko and Grazul are good for raids and wars but not really relevant with titans and events.

On opposite Azlar and Elena wont over perform in wars but can add tile damage in titan encounter and help a lot in event.

My view now is to keep my rings until 12 and ascend Alzlar or Elena ( probably Elena cause i have the costume) and wait for Jean Francois if he stay great.

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Nevertheless, I would max a Mitsuko. I feel so poor when I look at any P2W heroes :smile:

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I would also ascend mitsuko. I do not have her, but ursena, and the reflect is awesome and real fun. I have a red hood maxed. She is not bad (mainly for map, quests,…) , but there are several moments where I think Marjana may have been a better choice all in all for me… Azlar is good when he fires, but elena for me is not worth the rings. Grazul may be very useful I think, but I would go with mitsuko, for sure.

I would go with Mitsuko. She is going to be great in a stack with Wilbur and Falcon, but you can bring her on her own to take down one or two Nasty blues on a defense team. She isn’t great for titans, true, but she is one of the top red heroes, in my opinion. If you are unsure and really hesitant I’d say finish Lancelot in the meantime.

So my 3/2 red team is grazul, falcon and mits… paired with joon and viv. I’d max a second grazul if I had one. But for me one mits is fine. Have you looked at their 3/70 stats? What titans are you on? Might be able to get that Elena/azlar tile damage with an emblemed Scarlett… especially since you have wilbur to help her stay alive. :woman_shrugging:

Yep, my two next moves are maxing lancelot and colen to complete my red roster in challenge event, i need them ready for next month.

Hmm, I dont realy see the point to build a red stack for raids, there is no green tank but Yunan and is rare. If i bring reds is as a support and thats why im not over confident with mits shes average as Ares is.

True, but azlar or elena can help a lot in legendary challenge which means more regular mats coming.

Looking for raids, Grazul can help a lot against a guy like kunch.

Mitsuko for sure. I use her when in raiding when facing a team with a blue hitter for the reflect and mana reduction. If they have a blue healer or Boril, I’ll put in Marjana. The reflect has been fun to watch blue hitters kill themselves.

I also have Grazul maxed. I reached the top 50 in trophies with both of them together but that was before I had Alberich.

Grazul is great especially if you have fast mana troops, you’ll just need 6 tile matches to activate her healing. She doesn’t heal a ton but heals often and all allies resist new status ailments which is helpful. As you can activate her special quickly, you often can keep the resist active for a long time.

Both have merit, but Mitsuko is very strong and doesn’t die easily.

I already raid in top 1000 everyday and top 100 time by time even if I avoid it as your trophies collapse when you finish in top 100… I m not sure i have to strenghen my team in raid presently. I have already a solid roster for raids ( ursena, magni, seshat, kingston, hansel, rigard to name a few).

That’s why I also look other aspects of the game.

I would go red hood or grazul or mits. I like fighting mits, so I would lean grazul or red hood for war reasons.

Elena defense is too low and her speed is too slow. I wouldn’t do it. She was my first 5* red and I rarely use her now. Even in the very fast tournament she is BAD.

Azlar - some people love him. Again - the slow speed and ease of cleansing turns me off.

My vote would be fore Red Hood (for any offence capacity) or for Grazul (special blocker can be very handy in war, raids & titans)

I vote for Elena.

Costume makes her better. Great for bosses and titans.

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