Jean Francois or Azlar?


Close to getting materials for another 5* red (final ascension).
Right now my other 5* reds are Grazul and Elena. 4* a lot of them.

For war I miss a good defender, also the red mono team is somewhat missing power and speed (GRazul, Wilbur, Falcon, Elena and Lancelot/Kelile).

The war team for my alliance is blue center, so usually Poseidon, Kage, Ariel, {Grazul/wilbur/kelile/elena}, Kingston. I have tested 4 reds and none seems a fix. Lots of time team is defetead in one flag, and I am one of the top 3 in my alliance so the opponents are not top tier, but medium (level 50-60).

So the question: should I ascend Jean Francois or Azlar. Any of them would improve my war defense? Any of them would do good in titan attack over the existing 5* red ones? Raids are a smaller concern, I get my wins and don’t want to grow in cups.

Thank you for your answer.

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JF is mustard in mono.

You already have a slow AoE red glass cannon in Elena, Azlar is okay but you’re better getting a real stack booster with JF’s plus crit… And a durability boost against defence droppers, especially useful if using a flimsy hero like Elena.


Seems like Jean-François is the answer here…

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