6 rings for Anzogh or wait?

As a f2p I was lucky(?) to summon Anzogh when he was the HOTM. I have plenty of hidden blades, so he’s at 3/70 now. I’ve been using him regularly in raids. He’s a decent hero in a red stack, and I know f2p should play with whatever heroes we get but, I’m still not convinced about giving him rings.

My defense team is Grimm +7, Colen +3, Kunchen (+4 soon), Wu +4 (Chao is the only other yellow hero I have…), and Jack O’Hare +9.

I was planning to replace Colen for a maxed Anzogh but that doesn’t sound like a good idea tbh. Anzogh’s healing isn’t that good, same as his damage. Maybe Kunchen’s def down would benefit his damage and heal? Dunno.

I was thinking of saving all my atlantis coins for august, and pull Nadnog / Grazul. Anzogh’s girlfriend sounds worthy of getting the rings. She’d be a great flank for Kunchen. Much better than Anzogh. But then again the odds of summoning her in 10 single pulls is very low…

So, should I give all my rings to Anzogh or wait for a better 5* red from my TCs / Atlantis summons?

Any opinion against maxing Anzogh would be really appreciated. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

You should put Chao on your defense team over Wu Kong, he’s bulky enough to take hits and fire his skill once or twice at fast mana in the flank.

Don’t have Anzogh but I do have Red Hood. IMO Anzogh is a better version of her in most situations, since he heals right away rather than minion dependent healing over time. I find him more threatening than Red Hood on a defense team too, blue shield link makes him harder to take out after he fires.

Also Anzogh is more effective paired with an attack buff or a defense down caster, which you already have Kunchen on center for.

Now if you’re still feeling unsure after that, then I say just wait for 12 rings. Focus on one of your 4* red heroes instead. Only question would be which other ones do you have?


FTP and have Kunchen AND anzogh? Great luck there! Wow.


If you are f2p then your chances of getting another red 5* any time soon are pretty slim, but you never know :smiley:

On a flank of kunchen he could work very well on defence. But because you have a 5* healer already is an argument for waiting for a more damage dealing red.

I have just given Anzogh his final assention, I didn’t think I was going to like him, but turns out I do.


What would make Grazul a better flank to Kunchen…? Two center pieces that don’t hit at all… no thanks. Anzogh next to kunchen can be quite a pain, defense down then an AOE attack can cripple an attack. I get that anzogh gets a bad name from a lot of folks (that probably have never used him or have him) but he’s far better then colen and far better for your defense then Grazul. If you’d like to wait, I’m all for it, but Anzogh is a solid hero and a great fit for wizard emblems where Graz and Kunchen would be competing for cleric ones.


I pulled Anzogh as well and have focused on other heroes because I’m not convinced enough to commit to him yet. From TC20: I think he’s better than Elena and Khagan, Azlar seems to be ‘out of style’ now, so that leaves Marjana who is a long shot from TC20. As F2P, I think you have a pretty good option with Anzogh. I’ve faced him in Raids and he’s a pretty tough foe who hits reasonably hard. Maybe try for Grazul and then ascend Anzogh if you don’t get her in September, it’s only 6 weeks away.


Thanks! I also have Frida, so very lucky indeed. My brother hates me for that lol.

@DaveCozy I tried putting different heroes in my defense. Chao was making me lose cups for some reason. I don’t know if it’s Wu, but I stay at 2500 cups after I put him in my defense team.

I have all 4* reds now, maxed. I got Scarlett recently during Grimmforest but she’s on her way to 4/70. I’m thinking she’d be better than Colen in defense once she’s maxed.

@DBC @amessofamind I actually wanted to see opinions of people who maxed Anzogh, that’s why I was badmouthing him, so thanks for the opinions :slight_smile: You’re right about cleric emblems, Amessofamind.

I actually think Anzogh could be a good flank but having a healer + a hybrid healer in defense is what’s making me unsure. I got 6 rings after 9 months of playing so I could get another 6 by next year, probably.

@JAWS_3D I’d love to get Marjana from TC 20 but the odds are so ■■■■ low… :confused:


Lots of great advice here so far. I haven’t seen anything about wars, though. If you participate in wars, you may think about how he will fit into your team? Here’s some thoughts.

We run red tanks and have a few that run Anzogh at tank. He seems to fair as well as our GM tanks but not as well as our Santa or Ares tanks.

If you don’t run a specific color, A Kitchen tank is formidable. Tuck Anzogh in the corner for extra healing. He also hits so that’s a bonus. For healing rounds, switch them as Kitchen is a nightmare in the corner on healing rounds. Leveling Anzogh gives you that extra ‘big’ tank for more options.

Food for thought :slightly_smiling_face:


I have marj maxed as well, yes she’s fast, but she’s not a killer, she doesn’t hit that hard and generally needs attack up or defense down heroes herself to be really effective (much like zo). I think you’ll be plenty happy to have 2 healers in a defense, especially since one is hitting and one is debuffing (so not just heal)… “oh, about to finally kill kunchen… that’s okay, anzough healed him back up… now kunchen is ready to fire again and everyone is full health ugh”. haha. This tandem can be very frustrating in war, with heal, with arrows, with attack up. Good luck with whatever you decide but I personally feel those two are great together.


We run dark tanks in my alliance of 27 people. We didn’t even plan to, it just happened :smile:

Only 2 people in my alliance have Kitchen as tank. Usually we’re the last ones alive when field aid is active. I haven’t considered switching between Anzogh and Kunchen but sounds like a good idea if I max Anzogh. Thanks for the input.

Anzogh is better on defense than offense because ATT and DEF get boosted by 20%. So he hits harder on defense which means he heals more.

He’s a great tank or flank imo. He’d be a fantastic flank for Kunchen. In your position I wouldn’t hesitate to ascend him.


Thanks. I’m still debating. I’d probably wait for a bit before ascending Anzogh. Being f2p, I probably wont see another 6 rings in a very long time, you know.

I thought Marjana was one of the best red snipers to be honest. Since she’s fast speed I gave her the edge over Anzogh who’s average. But not everything is about speed ig. Wish I had both Marjana and Anzogh to test.

@DaveSonnenberg You’re right about that. Btw I thought I was gonna get more comments against maxing Anzogh, lol.

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She is the best red sniper, but that’s simply because she’s the only red sniper. haha. I’m not saying I wouldn’t max her before anzogh potentially as I prefer to max based on my attack compositions not defensive ones. Anzogh with Kunchen is a more threatening defense then Kunchen and Marj I feel. But one thing is certain, you have anzogh, you don’t have marj. I do get waiting if you’re unsure, but don’t judge zo based on 3/70… and if you’re going to judge him there, do the same with marj (you won’t be excited about her there either). Good luck.


I maxed Anzogh for my defense team. Absolutely no regrets. Now I just need scopes for magni to replace isarnia. I rarely drop below 2500, unless I throw cups away on offense.

Nadnog is a double gamble - will you actually pull him/her and is he/she better than Anzogh?


I am all about roster.

Without seeing your roster, I would recommend 2x rainbow 5* 3.70 teams before spending any 4* ascension items.


Click for notes



You’re guaranteed 4 until Christmas (around 3 more Mt. Umber quests + Christmas seasonal quest) so hopefully you get 2 more soon! Fingers crossed for you :crossed_fingers:

I think Kunchen is the main reason for holding you at 2500 cups :wink: Never liked Wu Kong in my defense team myself. Also crossing fingers in hopes you pull someone like Joon or at least Leonidas to assist you on your D team.


Always interested in topics about Anzogh, as i am currently leveling it. Happy to see that he is rings-worthy!
He will hold the tank role for me, although on offense, he will get paired with Wilbur, which should provide plenty of offense and healing!!!

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I love my Anzogh 5* 3.70 for auto play. I swapped Anzogh for my 5* 2.60 Azlar.

Anzogh is also very sturdy.


Well, then Anzogh is also good for offense with BT(att)+Wilbur(def)+Falcon(elmdef)+Anzogh…

Same case with me, I have Marjana and Anzogh, and @DracoLovesRi suggest me Anzogh.


I wish I had 2x rainbow 5* 3/70 teams but I only have 3 5* atm (f2p). Right now I have almost all 3* maxed, and more than 12 4* maxed (Good advice in those notes btw).

@DaveCozy Yeah I think he’s the reason I can put crazy defenses without losing many cups :sweat_smile: I guess that’s a point in favor of maxing Anzogh too.

@jinbatsu I should’ve said ‘I have all vanilla 4* red maxed’. Sadly, I don’t have Wilbur, Sir Lancelot or G. Falcon yet. Anzogh would be even better on offense if I had those heroes.

@amessofamind You’re right, she’s the best and only red vanilla 5* sniper :joy: Marjana is much better good looking than Anzogh though. Another point against him lol.


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