Second red 5*?

Who should get my next set of very (very) hard earned rings?

Currently I have GM#1 as my only maxed red. GM#2 at 3.70 has been a patient bench warmer for quite some time and I was sure he’d join his bro asap, but… I’ve been using Anzogh 3.70 in my red mono and I like him a lot! Just imagine how much more he could do maxed… Also recently pulled Marjana and she is one sturdy lady. Kong is there too - haven’t started him yet but don’t mind the wait if he’s the way to go.

Don’t have Grazul and wouldn’t give her priority if I picked her up.

Other maxed 5s are Kage, Kunchen, Hel, Frida, Athena, Elk, Tarlak, Poseidon, Ranvir - with Magni and Lianna 4th tier and climbing.

Rings are by far my scarcest AM and I don’t want to get his wrong.

For me, GM is so versatile and powerful that I can’t see any downside to having a second GM to run alongside your first one. GM will win any race against Anzogh any day and I don’t think having a first one will change that.

Then again, if your having fun with Anzogh and he fits your playstyle then go for it! At the end of the day, it’s your game. Play how you want and have fun doing it, otherwise what’s the point?

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Another Anzogh fan here :slight_smile: He is alot better in practice than he is on paper.

I don’t have GM but acknowledge his awesomeness. Since you have one of them maxed, then I would go with Azgogh personally


Yeah GM is powerful and versatile… I use him more than Anzogh as he’s a perfect odd man out in a 4-1. At the same time, red mono is the most fun to play with of all my teams and Anzogh is a big part in that.

I honestly think dupe GM would mostly just sit on raid def and annoy people trying to revenge. Some use in war but for last team. Hmm.

Thanks @XY3 and @DBC!

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I would say Anzogh. I’ve always favored diversity when leveling heroes.

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Consider your emblem planning, 2 GM will require twice barbarian emblem unless you only plan to put emblem to one of them.

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Yeah emblems… I have Kage too. Right now GM is +5 and Kage +3. I’m thinking dupe GM would stay naked…

Anzogh has tough competition as well though. I have Hel+6, gave a couple nodes to Proteus for events and then just now pulled Guin. Wizard overload.

Edit: I sometimes get emblem anxiety - regarding titans mostly - but am not that bothered over my def team. I just want to stay in diamond which I can with the ones I have already maxed. Anzogh wouldn’t go on def; GM#2 might if I don’t have much time for raiding (I set up my def after how much time I have for revenges: plenty time - non intimidating; little time - preferably a scary team able to hold 2400+ cups for 12-15 hours).

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