Another ascension advice will be appreciated

Hello community,

My current defence roster is Lianna, Delilah, Kunchen, Frida and Azlar (only one not at final asc).

I was wondering which red hero I should give my rings to:
Azlar, Mitsuko or Anzogh? I have Guardian Kong also.

From Yellow I have Poseidon (next darts going to him), Onatel and Joon.
I guess working on that order might be right, or should I go for Joon? (if prioritizing titan hits, I have Wu + Jackal).

From green I have also Atomos, Margaret, Horghall and Morgan.
Perhaps Morgan next?

From blue I have only Thorne waiting up, but I have triton at 1.1 and 2nd grimm could be an option.
Perhaps Triton -> Thorne? (quests and aw + faster leveling)

Purple I am working on Sartana, got also Obakan Quintus and Ursena.
I think it is a clear Ursena after Sartana :slight_smile:

Any advice is welcome!

Mitsu and Morgan is where I’d go for red / Green. I like Anzogh more than most but your defence doesn’t have other heroes that would buff his hit (and therefore heal) and you have Kunchen. So Mits is a good fit.

Here is my 2 cents for what its worth.
Yellow - I would pick Joon over Poseidon if prioritizing titans. His blind and slightly higher tile damage is more important over Poseidon’s better health and immune to status new status effects. If you are prioritizing your raid defense i would go with Poseidon if you plan to replace Delilah or run a double yellow flank around Kunchen. Overall though I think Joon has the edge.

Green - In a vacuum Morgan is the best hero amongst the lot. Will she replace Lianna as an annoying corner hero? Maybe. The fact that she is a sorcerer class is also helpful. You could wait and see if the game drops you anything better (e.g. Tarlak)

Red - Mitsuko for me. Although none of the options are fantastic on defence. She is very versatile on offensive raids and some bring her in for blue titans for her reflect. On defence she is OK. Azlar has better punching power but for me he is too fragile.

Purple - I 100% agree with Maleficent and then Squid lady.

Blue - I like Triton a lot more than a lot of people. I have given him all my Ranger emblems and he is sitting at +18 with an attack of 849. Thorne is a fairly average 5* I would not be rushing to give him scopes unless I do not have any better options. TC20 blues have Isarnia and Magni.

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