12 Rings and 5 Options - Need help

For reds, I only have Ares maxed.

My options for rings are:

  • Azlar
  • Elena
  • Khagan
  • Guardian Kong
  • Anzogh

I’m not a big spender, did a 10 pull and got G.Kong + Anzogh, the rest are from TC20.
I was thinking about a combo:

Anzogh+Ares+G.Kong - All average speed and could cast their specials together.

But from what I read, everyone is saying that G.Kong is bad and Anzogh is not so good. So I’m not really sure what to do.

What do you guys think?

Out of those I would say Azlar or Anzogh (he looks ok to me).

Azlar is slow but he is quite devistating. Out of the first 4 he would be the most feared to me if I was raiding.

Haven’t seen Anzogh for obvious reasons but I do like him and would max him if I pull him.

Azlar is first choice. Elena is the 2nd choise. Both are good out of that 4 options.

But if u manage to get marjana, she is the priority as u need sniper/big attacker

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  • Barbarian
    • Azlar
      • 793 | 607 | 1322 | slow
    • G. Kong
      • 786 | 587 | 1433 | average
  • Fighter
    • Elena
      • 809 | 578 | 1312 | slow
  • Ranger
    • Khagan
      • 710 | 642 | 1458 | slow
  • Wizard
    • Anzogh
      • 698 | 793 | 1279 | average

I would do Anzogh if I were to need a tank / healer or Elena for everything else.


Ares is your best tank among all your reds. He will make your other heroes better but if you use him as a tank, then you don’t want to stack same color as tank, too easy for opponents to stack vs ares + whatever red you decide on.

So none of your listed reds will be on your defense.

Anzogh will have most synergy with your other red heroes. What other reds do you have maxed? BT, falcon, Scarlett?

Max Elena for titans with heavy tile damage.

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The Reds I have maxed are BT, Scarlet, Wilbur and Lancelot. Just got Falcon, will work on him soon.

Work on falcon before any of the 5*, he will transform your red stack.

Watch your titan scores tripled vs greens. You don’t really need any of the above 5* with your current reds, but if you decide on one, go Anzogh
Wilbur, BT/Ares, Falcon, Scarlett/Lance + Wu

Save your rings for Marjana or possibly even GM! Many predict he will be available soon as a featured past hotm.

You have the rings so you can always save 6 and ascend somebody now (my 2 cents). You have Ares so I vote for offense - either Azlar or Elena depending on what class you need to fill. I’m working on my Elena now (she got a decent buff in V20) but I wish I had Azlar so he gets my vote. That said, I’m very optimistic about using her counterattack for PVE in events so depends on how you want to use your hero.

Thanks for the input guys. Right now I’m gonna focus on G. Falcon then Azlar.
Then I’ll wait for marjana or other better hero.

I prefer Elena over Azlar. On high level titans, S2 hard, events, etc. she is amazing. That riposte punches back, hard. My Colen level 10 is shaping into a nice Azlar clone. I expect when he’s done it’ll be pretty close.

4/1 red setup attack team with anzogh Wilbur falcon ares and then a strong fast snipe…

Otherwise elena is tour best bet by far

I’m going to say Elena and Khagan.

Khagan is no slouch now and paired with Falcon can be pretty devastating.

Azlar isn’t bad but he was way better before there were so many cleansers.