Red 5* problem

Anzogh, Khagan, or Red Hood to get the rings? I am leaning Red,

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What other heroes do you have, and what’s your focus in the game? (Titans, raids, defense, etc)

Red for being the cutest.
Which isn’t difficult out of those.


more for an alliance mate. no other 5* red. not many other 5* at all besides a Miki

What 4* are you using now?

I suggest you to wait a bit for Marjana now.

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I am simply asking for an alliance mate. I don’t know his roster. Just want a feel who is best. RedHood is the biggest pain for me. I just wanted a feel of the forum.

Im not impressed by either of the three. Patience’s is important

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I think the answer is “it depends upon how badly your mate needs a five-star red.” I can say for sure that of the three, Khagan would be the least likely. Both Red Hood and Anzogh have “health” specials, but neither is a true healer, and neither dispells status ailments.

There are better reds out there, even in S1 – Marjana is pretty good. So, if waiting is an option, that may make sense. If your alliance is switching to red tanks, I would say Anzogh.

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