Zocc or Kadilen?

First I wanna say thanks to all who helped me before and I hope you all will help me now to.
I can lvl max only one of them but not sure Kandilen or Zocc???
I like Zocc in raids when he hits Sartana and she hits friendly target. Using him is fun sometimes. Also Kandilen is great when she hits all target.
One day hope to have both at max but for now only one is possible.

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Had the same problem i was favouring Kadilen but then got Heimdall but will be in the situation once I’ve maxed Heimdall

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If you are leveling this green hero mostly for raids/war, I would consider what other green heroes you have and what potential synergies/teams you can make before deciding which hero to max. If you have a lvl 23+ green mana troop I would probably go for Zocc. If you need one for defense team I would lean towards Kadilen. Depends on what other heroes you got.


Maybe my poll can give you some advice

Zocc for nice elemental link


I’m curious who you decide to ascend. I don’t have Zocc so no direct experience playing him. I have a flat Kadi I’d definitely max if I can get her costume.

Overall agree with @B1gHeadAss suggestions between the two.


I have Zocc at 2/60 (waiting on compass b/c this game decides to give me 19 gloves but 0 compasses) and got Kadilen (1/1) during summons last Atlantis or something. I’m personally gonna bring Zocc up to 3/70 first and see how I like him. Green is the only color that I still don’t have a mana troop which is frustrating. I also got Heimdall, Ratatoskr, and Margaret all sitting at 3/70 with 12 tonics and 30+ shields.

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If you use in rainbow team for defense go for Kadilen. If you are going to use it on monoteam go Zooc for sure. I have him in node 8 and mana troop 17 and its preety fun to use also in raids for blue tanks. Kadilen costume is another thing…


If you are going to choose between them, best be comparing them at their final form:

I’m personally fond of Zocc, but then I use him against Titans (mindless attack, woohoo!) :grin:

Kadilen is Fast, not average, and hits “all”, so the argument could be made for her too… :thinking:


Gratz on getting a hotm.


Thanks for good advices.
This is green heroes…

I’d lean towards Zocc because that mindless attack blocks entire specials, but Kadilen is underrated and greatly helps your team to survive if you time her right. You could make a case for either. Kadilen is better if using for a defense.


How much dmg does the Titan’s mindless attack do to itself?

I actually find blocking a titan’s mana with heroes like Proteus to be a bad thing depending on what level titans you’re hitting. I’d much rather take on a titan’s special, which won’t kill any of my heroes, than take a slash attack from a 12* or 13* titan which can 1-shot a hero. After the titan special attack, I can just use an antidote.

I guess using Zocc wouldn’t lead to this issue. Never thought of using him for titans.

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If you had Almur maxed, then probably Kadilen. I’d probably max Almur before either of them considering where you seem to be in the game. You have only two ascended fours (both of which were excellent choices, well done), so more depth I think.

I really like Zocc, but he is a bit more niche. Kadilen is useful in wars as an off olour in 3-2 or 4-1, just pick on sniper based teams


Honesty, i wouldnt focus on your 5☆ greens yet. If so Kadilen would be my pick, but you have still work to do with some valuables green 4☆ that will make your titan hits, raid/war attacks and events/quest a lot easier.


Here is up to you if you want to start one of your 5☆.

But consider doing second caedmon too. So useful for wars. And as you have the costume you will have the chance to use a dispeler and a cleanser. Lot of flexibility

I like little john for titans and events but hes not a top/priority 4☆ green.

Good luck!


Thanks for advices.
Iam thinking to make a good team.
Is this have any sense?

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Ofcourse all to be at max and Costume

With titans depriving the titan of a special also soaks up a turn and also causes the titan to damage itself (I think in the ballpark of 600 to 800 for a 14* but I’ll pay closer attention next time). With a cascade it could end up being 2 turns used up. For rarest you generally do want to prevent the titan from using its special

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I can’t wait to try him on a Tiger…the trick would be keeping Zocc alive long enough to fire :grin:

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It’s still very hard decisions :frowning:

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