Which green 5* to ascend?

Hello guys, now I have just enough material to ascend another green 5*. Among Zocc, Kadilen, Elkanen,which one is worth the ascension?

I’d go with Zocc, mana controllers are valuable. Elkanen and Kadilen in their simple versions do not offer so much.


Yes, out of these three I also lean to Zocc. But, I’m wondering if I should keep the material and wait for better heros, or use it now on Zocc.

He is certainly useful, but you can also wait. If you really don’t feel that you need another 5* at the moment, you can wait.

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Out of those three green options I would probably go with Zocc.
However, personally I would save the mats for a “better” green hero …
And fingers crossed you get the costume for Kadilen in the meantime
Whichever hero you choose good luck


yeah,i really “hate” costume Kadilen when I face her in War or raids. :grinning:

I’d go Zocc as many above are saying. I’d consider other options for two reasons:
1 emblem disparity
2 of you want fast elkanen to combo with Lianna for a possible one two kill. Doubt it’s strong enough to work but possible on some weaker enemies.

None. Save the mats for someone better or if you get Kadilen’s Costume, that makes her worth. Been trying to nab that to make mine do something other than gather dust in the roster.