5* Advice Purple, Green & Red

Hello Everyone,

I would like to ask for some advice on how to proceed further on my current roster.

Here is my purple roster.

I am currently maxing Alfrike, but what next?
I will take kunchen out, I would rather make a 3rd cRigard than that slow guy.
So the choice is between

  • Kageburado
  • Clarissa
  • Sartana
  • Hel #2

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Here is my green roster:

  • Kadilen (no costume)
  • Zocc
  • Elkanen

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EDIT: - Additional Info: I have only two 5* druids, Horghall and Kadilen, should I give more weight towards Kadilen for having a maxed 5* in each class?

Here is my red roster:

  • Anzogh
  • Baldur
  • Azlar
  • Marjana #2

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Please leave also some text when necessary on your choice or maybe choose another hero from my roster if you feel so

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Purple - Clarissa or Hel#2.
Kage is useful sometimes, but his primary use was to counter Guin - these days he’s not quite so vital, in most situations Panther or Seshat will give you more. I don’t regret maxing him, but in a deep bench he’ll become a niche tool that only comes out occasionally.

Green - wait for something better. Honestly, I’d save the tonics for now.

Red - I’ve gone for Anzogh - AoE really benefits most from the attack boost BK gives you… Pairing up average speed AoE (Anz or GK) with BK and Wilbur is really destructive (and fun!)


At the moment, having diverse Classes really only matters for two reasons:

  1. Having enough power to win Trials without item use, and get more Emblems, and
  2. Assembling teams that all have Emblems (eg. not 5 Paladins, you won’t have enough emblems!)


  1. I’d say you’re doing pretty good for Clerics/Druids/Rangers
  2. Neither Kadilen nor Horghall are very desirable for team building. With your roster, they would only ever see occasional use

Don’t get me wrong, I’m obsessive about having the different Classes well-represented. But I’m really weird, don’t do that.

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Thank you all for all your votes. Helps me a lot.

Maybe I bump this thread with this post for some more opinions, but I think purple (Kage) and red (Anzogh) are quite clear. TBH after buffing baldur I thought he would get more love, but he will do some good work at 3-70, Anzogh won’t do so, he has to be maxed.

Regarding green, it’s very close between zocc and kadilen (no costume so far)
Zocc is nearly useless or a big gamble against monks and clerics, if their talent triggers its more disadvantage than anything sounding „special“, but I love my Merlin and my Alfrike.

I have Kadilen since a very long time at 3-70, and she gets lot of uses in late war teams against blue tanks stacking 3-2, which our alliance faces quite often. I don’t talk about her AoE damage, but she is fast and her +def against special skills is very valuable. Sometimes in war my alliance mates had big problems taking her down as last one (or 2 to 3) standing.

Hoping for some more opinions between zocc and kadilen - not only voting, would love more opinions based on experience by usage in written words.

Anyway, thanks again to all voters and people answering.

Here we go!

Thanks all your votes I will continue with
kage for purple
anzogh for red

and lianna for green

which just popped out of one of my two tc20.
S1 snipers are first choice if there is no other sniper available. :heart_eyes:

Now I have to rethink between anzogh and recently buffed baldur.
I will get both to 3-70 before final decision, but I think baldur may work at 3-70 while anzogh needs full power at 4-80 to be effective.