Which green hero would you rather?

Hello, just got my 6th tonic from titan chest! Woot woot!

I have the following heroes at 3/70:

Kadilen (no costume)
Morgan la Fey

And at 1/1

I have the following maxed and emblemed:
Mother North

The goal is for war depth and possibly boost my mono green which currently is:
Mother north-tarlak- lianna-buddy-almur
for titans i swap out mother north for margaret

Thank you in advance.

I really like kadilen. Even without her costume, that defense boost against specials pays off. Fore a s1 hero, she’s top notch in my book. I got her with 20 emblems and I run her as war tank sometimes. Her costume is probably the best costume imo. I truly hate going against her custome.

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Zocc will give you a lot of war depth. He can be used in a lot of different configurations from mono to rainbow, and can also provide value vs titans


I a tually would go in a different direction - your green war team lacks a strong hit all attacker - bertila hits hard !


If you plan to get costume, Kadilen.

If not, Telly would be a very solid tank.


Kadilen is the most versatile of the heroes you listed. She’s good whether in a stack, or as an off color support. Telly is passe, I stripped all her emblems a few months back and now she does little more than warm my bench. I can’t even remember the last time I used her.

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I like the idea of using zocc for titans… titans cant evade the mindless attack right?

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Zocc gets a lot of hate on here but mine is about to be plus 20. He definitely stops the titan special attack but remember you have to pay attention to the mana level cause before you know it mindless attack wares off and the titan has full mana and uses it against you. It’s takes a while to get used to but once you understand how it works it becomes a very powerful offensive tool. Mind you i would never recommend using him on defense. If you can’t control his special you are at a disadvantage.
I really only use him on my green stack for wars and titans.

I have to reiterate, IMO you have to watch the enemy/titan or whatever mana bar with Zocc’s special because you don’t want to have it fill up and then be used against you so make sure you understand it before you level him up.

I like Bertila as well but her slow mana makes it hard to use her unless she is plus 20. She is in my green stack with Zocc. If you are looking for a finisher i think that is her role especially with being slow mana. Mine is plus 8.

Telly is still my tank but i wouldn’t recommend her at this point.

Cadilen i don’t use anymore at all really. She isn’t bad at all but i don’t have the costume and find these others suit my play style better.

I don’t have Margaret or Morgan so don’t know too much about them at all so can’t really give a comment on them.

With all that said, imo Zocc would give you the best survivability vs titans and


I’d go Zocc. He’s the best of that lot.

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Zoccs mana control is great v titans and his balanced stats make him durable enough to get it off consistently. He’s a star on my Ice Titan team. I think he’d fit into your Titan team or mono stack very well. And losing a full special is great for survivability of the whole team.


Thanks fellas, i was really hesitant with zocc at first, thats why he is still at 1/1 for me. I thought that he was a so-so sniper at ave speed. But then i realized how vital mana control is esp in the form of onatel and proteus. I think ill go zocc. Tha ks for the tip guys!

Titans is all about tile damage, and damage from specials basically don’t matter at all, and Zocc’s attack stat is just about average. Not sure why some of you recommend using him on a titan team. For titans ideally you want

  • an attack buffer (OP has Tarlak, one of the best)
  • a defense debuffer (Frigg or Buddy)
  • an elemental defense debuffer (Evelyn or Almur)
  • a crit booster (Gregorion)
  • a hero with extremely high attack stat (Margaret, Lady Locke for example)

As funny as it sounds, Margaret would actually be the best for titans since her base attack is almost 100 higher than Zocc’s. If you’re concerned about the defense debuff blue titans give, it’s nothing an antidote or turtle banner won’t fix.

About the only reason I can think of why someone would bring Zocc is to stop the titan from firing his special and wasting a few seconds. But again that’s nothing a timestop won’t fix.

Leveling Zocc for war or raids is fine, but I really can’t agree with the recommendation of leveling him for titan use.


I have been using almost exactly what you mentioned except the last one I use Heimdall to keep the team alive and attack buff :wink:

From a non-expert point of view, I would have guessed that titans do a lot more swipe damage than heroes, so causing one to damage itself would be quite an advantage. Is that not really a factor?

  • The self-swipe causes decent damage (like 700 to 1000 roughly).
  • The self-swipe saves a few seconds animation
  • The self-swipe replaces the titan special giving the heroes more survivability
  • Replacing the special potentially allows you to use an additional item slot/hero slot, depending on how you play and to what extent the titan special affects you
  • His special can chain together with itself and other titan stoppers (e.g. timestop) to give your team greatly increased survivability. I need that kind of protection for C Brienne who dies in a single swipe.

In an ideal world, yes. But few people have all of the hero types above. Lacking a crit down in green, I take Zocc, and he does well as a stand-in.

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