Kadilen 5* hero!

I wonder is she good to max her with emblems or not?
I got Zocc also.

i wouldnt max them
maybe if you get costume for K

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Would prefer Kadi over Zocc if i have Hansel, Proteus, Mist and other Options for Mana-Control. While beeing on the same power level, kadi has a costume which is powerful and more important she is fast.

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I hope I will get costume one day.

I’d choose Zocc over Kadilen if those are your only choices.

Kadilen is ok. Decent damage for her speed and range. She’s pretty good if you get her costume. There’s definitely better green heroes to work on though without her costume, and definitely better druids to give emblems to.


I’m very happy with her, she creates nice synergies with a lot of greens. My team has evelyn, kadilen and lianna. Pretty successful


You use her for offence or defence?

She’s my war tank. This is her with 18 emblems. I love that her special is fast and really impacts the enemies special. My war team usually last 2 sometimes 3 guys if they get a bad board. Would love her costume.


I use mine on offence only for the most part. She’s at +10 nodes but I really don’t have better Druids aside from her in 5* rarity.

If I’m coordinating green tanks in wars, I’ll use her as my tank on defense. She’s okay there but obviously not ideal (since I lack Telluria though she’s my best option).

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In my honest opinion if you MUST have either of these heroes, and I have both, I would go with Zocc.
However, Kadilen with emblems is also really good. I used her in my raid defence for a while before I got Telluria.
Kadilen has a decent special and if you had her costume that would probably make me change my mind.
Whichever hero you choose, good luck

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Thank you all for advices.
I will put her at max and hope to get costume one day.

I pulled kadilen +20 from tank when i had atomos ready at +19.

Check out my special video on kadilen (in turkish), you can also check out my war vids, i take her to every war

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Thanks so much! Great video!

Ever since I switched from kadilen for Kingston as my war tank, I’ve been doing pretty good. Probably 4th or 5th way since I’ve switched. I think out of all the costumes they have, I want hers the most. That added dodge special would be incredible. Here is what my war team looks like too.

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Going against the grain here.

I have Zocc, but I would trade him for a Kadilen any day of the week.

Zocc is bad in offense (potential to screw you over with resists) and even worse in defense (definitely screws you over if the enemy brings something like Grazul or Aeron).

He’s literally worse than his 4* equivalent.

Kadilen on the other hand is a huge hitter (950% total damage at fast speed), and the special defense buff works pretty great on both sides.


Thanks Guys, it’s Her definatly. Hope to get costume soon.

After some time I maxed her and put emblems to lvl 4 and will to 20.
I didn’t got costume but I got one more so my question is if I max one more Kadilen is that good for same team or not?
For pvp and defence?

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