Zocc or costume Kadilen?

So I almost leveled Zocc to 3.70 but now I begin to think costume Kadilen might have been the better choice. I am still missing two tonics, so I might still have enough time to level Kadilen instead.
Here is my full roster: https://heroplan.io/user/link/463088e7-04fe-402c-835b-225d148e5a42

Regarding emblems: I already put some on Margeret and am also planning to emblem up Sif (only one dart missing). So Zocc wouldn’t see any soon.

There might be some for Kadilen though. Got Zim on 20, thinking of giving some to Ranvir for survivability. But I only use him on titans. Not sure if Gullinbursti is worth some. I like him on tournaments even though he is slow… But currently I only have 240 emblems anyway.

I already feel it was a mistake to level Zocc first… What do you think?

Not a “mistake” until you final ascend.
Go costume kadilen first for final ascension. Shes just simply better in a variety of roles whereas Zocc is primarily an offensive weapon.
Then if no better greens present themselves zocc can be finaled.
I use mine all the time and he is underrated.
But yeah, c. Kadilen first. Then Zocc if you dont get a better green.


I don’t have Zocc, but I maxed my C.Kadilen for a war tank, and have her at +19. She’s great at that roll, and as an attacker. Zocc stops 1 opponent’s special for 3 turns, but Kad provides a broader protection.

Kad’s also fast mana, which can mean a world of difference. I vote Kad!

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Nice roster. I think that C.Kadilen would be overall a better investment. This is a personal opinion and only based on that i consider her, overall, a much better and complet hero than Zocc. One is average with an interesting ability but personally with low stats. He isnt a sniper, neither a hitter, he pretends to be a mana controler but with a big drawback against monks and clerics.

Kadilen has the adventage of being fast speed, having a nice stat and mana boost from the costume and the possibility of having two classes and diferent abilities in one hero.

Whatever hero you pick, good luck!


Thanks everyone. I think I will go with Kadilen then…

Ya c kad is much better!

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