Yunan or Rana are they worth it?

Yunan is a good tank but red hitters can take him down easily…Rana is just ok, i would use the mats on better yellow heroes.

If their healing penalty prevents Healer’s Aid heals, then they’re definitely worth it amd would be amazing war heroes. If not, that seriously hurts their value.

Perseus definitely blocks AW Enemy Aid, and the Sand heroes have the same special symbol, so it seems like a safe bet that they sand heroes block/slow enemy aid.


Can they? Really? I’m curious to know coz i have maxed Yunan as a tank with 4* troops deepwood elder ents. Most of the enemy attacks ends in my victory. Not all of them, but i manage to stay in diamond league easily.

I believe it does require three reds to take him down? I have no experience facing the maxed Yunan. He’s pretty rare or people have better ones?

Here’s my def team:


It require multiple reds for sure, and for that very reason i suggest you place 2 blues instead of 2 reds.

I don’t dislike it, but honestly a Falcon-Gravemaker duo or even trio can work pretty fine with every green heroes, and that’s his weak spot. Many people has falcon, same as many people as Wu kong and Jackal (that works fine with purples)

Off topic: if you don’t know “Rana” in italian means frog.

King Yunan is better to me.
That guy is hard to kill.
Good for holding you in higher/m8d platinum.

May i introduce to you, the one and only, Honorable Tank and our Lord, King Yunan:

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It doesn’t matter that he’s green… his insane defence and HP makes him hard to knock down. Give him the deepwood elder ents 4* troops to give him even MORE defence and HP and he wrestles in his own leaque, so to say.

Yes, i think Yunan would be better with blues surrounding him but since the only five star blue i have is Aegir, that’s not going to happen very soon.

I have two Aegirs and i wonder how would it work if i put them near Yunan… both sides? Dunno. Not going to happen very soon anyway.

Bump. Week before next event…

So far I had more problems with Yunan tanks than Guin tanks (and I have Gravemaker) so I’m going for him. Two 10x pulls and 9 EHTs…
And I really want more heal blockers for wars. I wouldn’t mind a second and third Gafar.

Does Yunan block field aid?

I would hope so, but someone else should confirm. I do know that vampire bites steal from first aid, so it should be considered a heal across the board.

Yunan would be pretty nice in a 5* tournament with Very Fast boost.

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Yes, all the sand empire heroes block field aid. I use two of the sand empire heroes regularly when field aid is up.


I am confused why Yunan gets more support than Rana… can someone explain to me their reasoning?

  • Rana is average speed while Yunan is slow

  • Rana deals even (not minor) damage (185%) to 3 heroes at a higher percentage. Though Yunan has a lower damage percentage (161%) it atleast hits all heroes instead of 3.

  • Target receives a lot more DOT from Rana (403) than Yunan (339) does

  • Enemy receives a larger debuff to healing (75%) from Rana than Yunan (50%)

I know Yunan has more bulk but does that really make up for the slower mana speed, less DOT, and less healing debuff?

He’s the #2 tank after…wait for it…Boss Wolf in Raid wins :face_with_monocle:




Yeah i saw that, and that also confused me. I always see people raving about Yunan and I don’t know why he gets so much more support than Rana does.

I suspect its because great tanks are a common subject as people are always trying to build up the best defensive teams. In that role Yunan is better.


I wonder what the number of BW vs Yunan is ? Does BW have more wins simply because there’s more of him or because he’s actually better than Yunan ?


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