Ascend Yunan or wait for other green?

Hey @ all!
Browsed already on Yunan, not so many opinions on him, perhaps related to the fact that he may be somewhat rare.

I have the first Sixpack of Tonics, and nee to decide if I shall ascend him or not. I already have Rana maxed (she is very strong, I like her), therefore not sure about Yunan, and feel a further sniper would be good (liana, or wait for next month to check for Kingston, or would also love a Morgan Le Fay, but chance most likely very low to get her, not going to spend a lot for the knights). On the other hand not a gig fan to wait long for a hero that may perhaps come some day…

Other green 5 Star: Margaret (no option for me)

Blue 5 Star: King Arthur 4-80, Richard 3-70, Miki 3-70
Yellow 5 Star: Rana 4-80, Leonidas 1-xx, Ranvir 2-60 (do not use him as I have max Wu Kong), Inari 1-1, but will start now start feeding her, like the skill (4 darts in stock already)
Red 5 Star: Red Hood desperately waiting at 3-70 for rings, which will still take some time
Purple 5 Star: Seshat 4-80, Mok-Arr 1-1

Several 4 star heroes of each color maxed, including most key heroes as Wilbur, Wu Kong, Jackal, Falcon, the three pulverizers etc. in the army.

So, what would you do? Ascend Yunan or not? Also interested in experience from those who have him maxed already.

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I would wait
20 more waits

As you have already Rana, I won’t go for him. Even if I often have issues with him. And I agree with you about Margaret. I have been hesitating some time between Leonidas and Inari. I finally goes for Inari. Now I have Vivica, Joon, Inari, Onatel, Gwen, Ranvir fully ascended and I regret a bit my choice. I like playing Inari, I won several fight in war thanks to her but for raiding Leonidas would have been a better choice.

Be patient.

that is really interesting. I also think Leo is better than his reputation although indeed not the best holy, for sure. Will bring her to 3-70 and then properly check on her (sufficient orbs in stock, to also bring Leo to 3-70). Can then decide… Joon would be nice for me, too.

Agree, patience is a thing we should remind ourselves reflecting how rare the 4 star AM are… :grimacing: but sometimes not so easy… Will hold Yunan then also stop at 3-70 for the time being

One of the best green tanks.
Wait for what?


THE BEST green tank. Hands down.


Maybe wait for a hero that can better serve him offensively since there aren’t many/any guilds that run green tanks and even though Yunan is a great raid tank, it’s not like he holds much better in raids then most standard tanks. I’m a big advocate of building your offense and letting your defense form over time … a slow, low tile hero is not a great starter green in my opinion (unless it’s North).

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I would wait for another green, as you already have Rana… but don’t forget Yunan. In any case, give yourself a deadline: if by that time nothing better has come, go with Yunan. If I were you, I would try to see if can get Kingston in October.
I agree on NOT leveling Margaret.

Yellows: I have Leonidas at 3/70 and I like him. Not the best yellow, but he gets his job done and his special (damage + heal based on damage and mana cut) is quite nice.
As you also have Miki, I would rather finish him than maxing Ranvir

Definitely max him. One of the best heroes in the game hands down.

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How often do you summon heroes? How many TC20s are you running?

5* heroes are not easy to come by.

My summary advice, without knowing the above info: wait until October and see if you got Kingston during September. Kingston is a very fine green sniper.

Do NOT wait most will tell you Yunan is a GREAT tank.

I would wait for Kingston myself. I have Yunan maxed and haven’t been impressed by him. Almost dropped out of Diamond the last time I put him on my D. I think there are too many powerful, faster Red heroes for him to survive at the upper levels

i have 1 TC20 running constantly - with results sub par, I feel. more luck with summons.

I would say, I do roughly 5-40 summons a month, with 15 being an average. I do not do a lot in atlantis, feel screwed at that gate… Typically save the EHT for seasonal events, so would either do some more pulls in October for halloween (or wait until Christmas, but doubt that I am such patient…) roughly 15 tokens in stock at the moment.

All in all, this guy seems a little controversial. I will try to wait until halloween, then make summons and see if kingston shows up and start early to stock feeders; then I either bring kingston quickly up or finish Yunan…

Thanks @ all!

Anyhow, if there is more experience with him, please let me know. I faced him in a raid this morning (emblemed +4), not bis issue to kill him and his team, but board was indeed not too bad.

FWIW one of the game’s top players, @Uclapack, really likes Yunan. But he’s primarily in a tank role, and that’s a very narrow role to burn your first six-pack of tonics.


Sooooo, picture changed now a little.
Yunan is sitting at 3-70
Today, as I like the knights, I started spending my gems in stock… I got severely rattled as the two 10x pulls yielded only feeders, really bad… Then I started spending, and did not stop before something useful showed up :grin:
Beside getting a two Merlins finally, Lady of the Lake and two of the new 3star passed the summoning gate…

That being said, I think the Lady may be the better option for first green 5 star, no? Healer more versatile than Yunan Tank (although the hybrid healer Red Hood will very most likely be my first Red 5 Star currently at 3-70).

Will bring the Lady of the Lake now up. In Level 15 legendary she was a real pita - and thanks to her I lost the first attempt…

What is the valued opinion of the community? @Kerridoc your thoughts?

I’m envious. Yes, Lady of the Lake is a superb hero. Give her your tonics ASAP.

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thanks! will do so! (unfortunately no feeders stocked up, so may take a little…)
also got a next dart today, so only one away to ascend next yellow… but perhaps will wait with Inari now at least until the Lady is maxed out… may be Joon says hello…

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