Joon or Rana? and Monk Emblems

After over 3 years of play I FINALLY got my first Joon from event coins today. I am wondering if he would be a better fit for my defense team (AW and raids). I am hesitant to reset Rana’s emblems (+18), so would I be better served resetting Leo (for the second time ha) and potentially Wilbur to get Joon to +18?


I should add, here is my current Defense:

If your defence works then why change? Think rana would be better than joon if you doo.
If you don’t use wilbur or Leo else where then be case of ok no more use,
If joon goona more valuable for you then do it.

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Joon is more of a cold blooded sniper and he is more useful than Leonidas in fact I reset my +13 Leonidas dan bring up Joon to +20 in no time.

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Thanks for the responses. I guess when I look at my defense I question if it has enough firepower? 4 AoE (rumple only does damage 1/3 of time). So having a fast sniper could be more fearsome, right?

Leave Rana as is in defense. Though Joon deals huge damage, he is squishy still even with emblems, unless you plan to get his costume. Even still, Rana deals more total damage to target and nearby and she also doles out sand damage over time.


Wait until leo costume release. :slightly_smiling_face:.

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I would put Killhare in flank and then use Joon in the wing. But things are good as they are too.

I would absolutely strip Leo if you don’t get his costume this month.

I would strip Wilbur if you don’t use him in war too. My wilbur is for titans only, no emblems, is fine.

I’m glad you like Rana, I don’t see her very often on anyone’s roster and I have her too. I guess you feel that she does a lot more damage with the talents? Mine still has no talents.

Rumple is an unpredictably fun I’ve got him at +20 and had been a mainstay in my defense team.
All of his specials are useful.
Joon at mix and match +20 was 801 727 1519. Not as tough but my defense usually able to hold to >2500 overnight. Cups wasn’t much of a concern but diamond arena definitely more rewarding.
Rana has had more chemistry with other AoE hitters.

Choose ones which could potentially give more troubles to the opponents as the best heroes are those already in our posession.

I ended up embleming Rana solely because yellow heroes have not been very kind to me. She was a better option than Leo in my Defense. I do think her damage is a little underwhelming, but that really isnt her primary purpose. Slowing the heal is her biggest asset. I just question if AI is “smart” enough to target the right people when she is on defense.

It sounds like most of you agree to leave Rana in though, so thank you for that!

Wilbur only gets used in events and tournaments. We arent facing high enough titans for me to need him for survivability. I think I will reset Leo back to 1 and then Wilbur and use all of those for Joon, then get back to Wilbur when Joon is +18. I have not emblemed any 5* beyond 18 because I havent felt it was worth the emblems to do so.

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