Yunan or Rana are they worth it?

Trying to decide if it is worth it to go after either one of these heroes? First thought is Rana might be okay but unsure…anyone have some comments on them? Haven’t seen much discussion on the boards about these heroes.

Here are the two:

I prefer Rana of the two.

Translation: Because yunan slow !!! Incomprehensible.
Yunan global value 782 !!
If we compare yunan and gravemaker, there is no comparison that definitely wins the gravemaker
While yunan is slow gravemaker it is very fast
Prime that yunan launches the special gravemaker has already launched 2 and doing much more damage and I do not understand why the total value of gravemaker and 780 while that of yunan is 782.
I hope that yunan is revised is I think its special launch speed is revised from slow to averange so that its total value can be 782.
Surely better than yunan too much difference between the 2.

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I really wasn’t impressed with any of them. Especially not enough for the extremely low chance of getting the one you want.

I pulled for the sake of getting maybe something … got a horsie … happy as I feel he is the best of the bunch.


I kind of want one just to have one. I think that may be the start of an addiction…lol


I wanted the Horse. Closest I could get to a Rook. :grin:


I wasn’t impressed with them but did a 10 pull and got 3 of the sand castle guy and the holy 3* guy in one pull. I could use a 5* nature but I would rather wait until next month and make a run for Greg instead.

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The horse is actually very, very good if you care about the Rare challenge event. His attack state is higher than Squire Rabbit and has a better special.

Sand King is a massive tank. If he were any other element, he’d be masterful. But nature has to face so many excellent fire heroes that he isn’t as good in practice as he looks on paper.


I was just comparing Yunan to Justice. Yunan has significantly more defensive stats and a DOT that’s not tied in with his low attack stat. Would be fun to get him to try him out… Although I would never choose him over Greg.

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Wait, if you wanted a rook, shouldn’t you get the purple castle guy?


Yeah, too many good reds to have a Green tank. So Rana wins out as better of the two. Gafar imo is the best of the bunch though. Highest tile damage for Purple 4’s with fast mana.

Hisan “the horse” is a god among men / horses / whatever the *** he is. Unfortunately, having the highest attack stat of any 3*, but also a DoT component makes him a god of use-case purgatory. I love his stats, but he’s barely better than Berden in events, which isn’t great.

No no no no, he is definitely “Sir Horse.” He’s a knight you know.

I got Rana with a coin, she really seems quite useful in AW both in attack and in defense, I’m mainly F2P, I have 5 darts already counting the event, so unless I get Joon or Vivica of some tc20 when I get the dart that I need will take it to the maximum

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Always like reading your thoughts. So would you say Isshtak is a better green for events?

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I was going to point out that Jabbar is a rook, but @DMP beat me to it!

I still think I’ll max one Hisan before Avalon rolls around again since his tile damage is great. I do like Ishhtak’s special better though, since the splash damage is great with 3 enemies in almost every wave.


Meh, the Horse is cuter! Lol


I agree: Rana is a solid but not spectacular yellow 5*. Given that you’re F2P and so 5* are scarce, you should feel comfortable ascending her if no better hero comes along.


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